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Connecting new people to the Church


By Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling

In this, the final episode of a four-part Church Growth podcast series, we focus on how you connect with guests to integrate them into the life of the church and help them become long-term disciples of Jesus Christ.

Managing the lifecycle of people in your church


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The goal is to move people through the lifecycle. (Read more about business lifecycle marketing.) People leave when they try to transition to the next phase but experience resistance or difficulties in the process.

Episode Notes (PDF)

While all churches should want to grow, change is difficult. We need to make sure the church is healthy enough to grow. Listen to previous episodes for the full story.


Kim Pope-Seiberling

Dr. Kim Pope-Seiberling is part of a husband-wife duo working to help the church embody 1 > 99 at She has been a pastor of growing churches in urban, suburban and rural settings for over 17 years, helping turn around churches after years of decline.



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