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Biography: The Rev. Larry Hollon

Larry Hollon lives on the corner, squarely at the intersection of Faith and Culture.

the rev. larry hollon

Larry Hollon

He's the former chief executive of United Methodist Communications, the global communications agency of The United Methodist Church, and publisher of United Methodist News Service. In retirement, he's a self-described photographer, motorcycle lover, technophile, avid reader, and collector of ideas that foster positive change in our culture.

At all times, he's both a storyteller and a child of God. Those two passions have defined the course of his life.

His lifelong love of The United Methodist Church started in the welcoming arms of a small church in Stroud, Okla. where as a child and an outsider from an itinerant working family, he found acceptance and wholeness. That experience guided him towards a vocation in ministry as he found himself attracted to the Wesleyan tradition of faith expressed both personally and in action.

After graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma and Saint Paul School of Theology, Hollon became an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church. Shifting his focus from pastoring a church to a career in communications wasn't planned. His zeal for storytelling led him down a new path not previously envisioned – communications as ministry.

While still a pastor, he found himself hosting a talk show on a radio station in Omaha, Neb. To make a long story short, his journey led him to television news, and from there, he became a documentary producer, traveling to more than 50 countries across Asia, South and Central America and Africa to tell the stories of persons affected by poverty, war and disasters through a lens of faith. In 2000, he was named to lead the global communications efforts of the denomination as the chief executive of United Methodist Communications.

A prophetic voice about the value and power of communications in the faith landscape and staying ahead of the technology curve to reach younger audiences, Hollon has led the denomination in the creation of award-winning advertising campaigns that have significantly raised both public awareness and favorable impressions of The United Methodist Church. A visionary leader in global health issues, his leadership has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars to save lives through malaria prevention.

"My priorities haven't changed that much," says Hollon. "They are to deliver messages of hope and healing that offer an opportunity to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ through a faith community ... messages that people can apply to their own faith journeys so they understand God is active in the world, that there is an ongoing revelation of God’s love that is capable of helping us make life meaningful in all circumstances. That is our ministry."

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