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5 Tips to promote church giving

By Natalie Bannon

As Christians, it’s important to give because God first gave to us. Your giving develops the next generation of Christian leaders, builds new churches, teaches lay and clergy leaders how to revitalize existing congregations, combats devastating diseases and engages directly in ministry with the impoverished. Here are five tips to promote giving at your church.

1. Inspire.
Show your congregation why we give. If you click on the Mission Moments section of, you’ll find a weekly moment for mission, offertory prayer and newsletter copy to introduce the offering. Mission Moments is updated on the 15th of every month. If you’re looking for different content than what is listed for that week, simply use the search function to find your desired topic.

2. Engage.
Open the conversation about giving in your church council meetings. You could start each meeting with one of the short videos at There are nearly 100 videos highlighting the ways in which the generosity of United Methodists has changed lives and made a difference in the world.

3. Inform.
Show your congregation how their dollars are at work. 90 cents of every dollar you give stays in the local church. This illustration breaks down how each dollar is used to accomplish wonderful work in Jesus’ name.

4. Imagine.
Make it easy for members to imagine how their generosity can make a difference. Provide them with giving resources. You can find free resources like brochures, flyers and inserts at

5. Believe.
Believe in the power of the connection. Together we can accomplish what no one individual or congregation can do separately. The various offerings and apportionments of The United Methodist Church allow us to share our resources to fulfill our mission as Christians.

For more information about giving, visit and find us on Facebook at

For a more in-depth look, check out Connectional Giving 101 (2013 course dates coming soon), a free online course where you can learn the biblical basis for giving, how our church is connected, what the apportioned and designated funds are, and how you can inspire others to make a difference.

And, as always, find more tips at and