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You don’t have to spend big to get BIG: Large-format printing tips


By Jim McAnally

The next time your church is looking to promote a special event, create signage or just attract attention from the street outside your church, think about going BIG.

Print media has always been a big hit for the church, going all the way back to Gutenberg's Bible. You've probably used print media for all kinds of church communications. More than ever before, large-format printing is an affordable, flexible option for churches. For simplicity's sake, this article defines "large-format" as anything larger than a standard stock paper size at a printing company.

For years, large-format printing was only available to high-volume, large-budget businesses. Printing small quantities is no longer a barrier to large-format printing due to the development of high-quality, high-tech printers that many print shops have on-site.

With the advances in printing technology and the variety of substrates (i.e., the base material onto which images will be printed), churches can afford to promote their messages via large physical channels. We're not just talking one-color vinyl banners anymore. Don't limit your thinking to walls. Large-format prints can be applied to vehicles, floors, countertops, window clings and backlit signs.

Advantages of this communications channel include affordability and versatility, as well as the speed with which large-format printing can be produced.

Imagine helping visitors navigate your sometimes-confusing buildings with graphics applied ON the floor directing them to the sanctuary or the preschool classrooms. You could even apply graphics to your floor that show palm branches meandering the hallways so people could experience the story of Palm Sunday in a much more intimate fashion. Perhaps consider a series of life-size cutouts of biblical figures on the walls of your hallways with Scriptures attributed to them.

Picture your boring church van wrapped with a full-color design promoting your contemporary worship service through modern, hip graphics and photos of people in your target demographic. Just visualize turning those glass doors into something wonderfully colorful for the youth musical or vacation Bible school!

With the relatively inexpensive cost of high-quality, colorful, large-format printing and the varying substrates on which to print, a whole new, BIG colorful world of communicating is now open to your church.

So, consider how printing big can bring a big impact to your message!