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Articles: Welcome your guests


Rethink Communication

On today's episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast, we are speaking with Phil Bowdle, author of “Rethink Communication: A Playbook to Clarify and Communicate Everything in Your Church." Listen

Summer is coming ... and so is VBS: Spring into your publicity plans now

Jumpstart your VBS planning and publicity with creative yet practical tips from a Cokesbury's VBS editor. Read More

How UMCOM helps local churches

Join Dan with Senior Manager of Local Church Services at United Methodist Communications Craig Catlett as they discuss some of the ways UMCOM can work directly with you in your... Listen

I saw the signs - Exteriors (Screencast, part 3)

In last of three screencasts, Kim Pope-Seiberling focuses attention on good exterior signage. View

Hospitality needs to begin online, as people approach your location, and through casual encounters with your building. Photo by Pearl,

First impressions are formed earlier than you think

Hospitality begins before visitors ever enter the sanctuary. Consider whether your online presence and building facilities are welcoming and accessible to guests. Read More

I saw the signs - Interiors (Screencast, part 2)

In part two of three screencasts, Kim Pope-Seiberling focuses attention on good interior signage. View

"How we work" with Julie Mirlicourtois

On today's episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast we are talking with Julie Mirlicourtois, Media Director at The Story Houston in Houston, Texas. Listen

I saw the signs (Screencast, part 1)

In part one of three screencasts, Kim Pope-Seiberling will show you the basics of creating enduringly helpful directional signs for your church. View

"How we work" with John Barolo

On today's episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast we are talk with John Barolo, Director of Communications at Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida. Listen

3 creative marketing ideas for Christmas Eve

How do you stand out from all the other churches in town offering Christmas Eve services? How do you get the word out beyond your walls? Read More

A diverse group of members sits in worship listening to the sermon. Image by Pearl,

6 ways to create a guest-friendly worship service

These six strategies can make your worship more attractive to visitors, without requiring a major investment of time or resources. Read More

14 ways churches unintentionally send signals of unwelcome

Make sure your church -- from the people to the curb -- are visitor-ready. Here's a checklist of 14 unintentional and commonly overlooked roadblocks. Read More

Make spirits bright with a seeker-friendly outreach event this Christmas

Discover how to plan and host a festive, fun Christmas outreach event that attracts all of your community -- even people unaffiliated with a church. Read More

Encourage friendly, out-going persons with the gift of hospitality to serve as greeters and ushers. Image by Pearl,

50 ways to welcome new people

One key to effective outreach is making sure that worship visitors feel truly welcome. These tips will help your congregation make a good first impression and extend hospitality. Read More

Guest readiness and hospitality are greater than being nice

This podcast episode focuses on guest readiness and is the third episode of four in the Church Growth Series. Listen

8 steps to declutter and make the best impression

For a church, every interaction matters and makes an impression. Eliminating clutter helps your church focus more on hospitality and ministry. Read More

Make your new pastor feel truly welcome with these 50 tips. A UMNS photos by Kathleen Barry.

50 ways to welcome a new pastor

Share these tips with your congregation as they welcome a new pastor or staff member. Read More

How to incorporate holidays in church communication

Holidays offer both the opportunity to engage and the potential for missteps. These tips will help you navigate the collision between holidays and holy days. Read More

Having a meaningful message about your church is a vital part of ensuring that outreach tools are effective. Photo by Ben White,

Easter invitation and outreach, step-by-step

Empower your congregation to be invitational with the help of Easter outreach tools, elevator speeches and creative ideas for community connections. Read More

How to plan a winning Super Bowl party!

What about the legal issues? Can you accept donations? Relax. It's much easier than you think. Here are several ideas to help your church host an awesome party! Read More

Worshipers participate in a candlelight service at Ulm United Methodist Church, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Photo by Michael Mayer, UMC Germany.

How to make Christmas Eve visitors return visitors

You worked hard to invite guests on Christmas Eve and to welcome those attending. Here are some tips for inviting them to come back in the New Year. Read More

5 lessons from a hilarious spoof on contemporary worship

"Sunday's Coming" is a "movie trailer" made by a large church poking fun at their own worship. It's obviously a spoof, but also contains some powerful lessons. Read More

How to compensate guest speakers or musicians on a church budget

How you welcome guests says a lot about your church. Don’t let money, or the lack thereof, interfere. Make sure your church gives guests the honor that they deserve. Read More

How to build relationships with skeptics

What if we led churches that build bridges to those from whom we are disconnected? Learn about ways to engage and connect with those who don’t share our beliefs. Read More

Encourage guests to return with great follow-ups

When you follow-up with guests, they are more likely to visit again. Here are a few great ways to increase the odds. Read More

Think Outside the Egg: Great teaching tools for children this Easter

Actually the egg is a great teaching tool, as are lilies, crosses and crowns. A lifelong Sunday school teacher shares tips for helping children understand the miracle of Easter. Read More

A warm welcome at St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. Photo by Kathleen Barry, courtesy of Rethink Church.

You’re Welcome: Quick and timeless tips for greeting visitors this Christmas

Signs, children's decorations, and spontaneity. We've taken the best ideas from our research and experiences to create a welcoming check list this Christmas season. Read More

A drawing of a cross on Easter morning by Jake Cummings. Image courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

You’re Welcome: Quick and timeless tips for greeting visitors this Easter

Signs, children's decorations, and spontaneity. We've taken the best ideas from our research and experiences to create a welcoming check list this Easter season. Read More

3 ways to boost giving, increase diversity and glorify God

Most giving campaigns are geared towards a narrow demographic, but research shows us that this could be a major flaw. Learn how to increase diversity and giving for the glory... Read More

How to recruit volunteers: When begging doesn’t work

By using some innovative and creative means of promoting the need for volunteers, you can let people know about service opportunities without turning them off. Read More

Voice of faith crucial to young gays

The church has long been conflicted over homosexuality, but a recent rash of suicides shows the need for compassion remains. Read More

Dos and don’ts for welcoming visitors without smothering

There is a fine line between being friendly and solicitous and invading newcomers' space. Here are some ways to reach out and some dos and don'ts when welcoming visitors. Read More

Welcoming handshake. Photo by UliSchu,

5 types of church visitors: Are you ready for them?

If we want our congregations to grow, if we believe that's part of God's calling, our identity may change as our membership does. Read More

7 practical elements of welcoming

The ministry of welcoming is the responsibility of the entire church family, not of a committee or a few volunteers. Remember these seven elements. Read More

5 ideas for holistic ministry with the homeless

What if your church could empower homeless people to regain a sense of identity, purpose and worth? Read More

Challye Hays laughs with children as they play corn hole in the gym during the Project Transformation Family Fun Night at Antioch United Methodist Church. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Inspire youth with a summer ‘staycation’

Turn the "staycation" concept on its ear by hosting one for middle and high school students. Read More

Christmas wreaths adorn the doors of Belmont United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tenn. Photo by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Roll out the welcome mat this Christmas

Some church members seem so engrossed in catching up with their family and friends that visitors end up feeling like part of the décor. Read More

Set up a cookie exchange among your congregation and invite the community to participate. Photo by Jill Wellington,

Making your church sparkle at Christmas

Christmas is an ideal time to draw people into your church by hosting Advent activities, reaching out into the community, and making your church more inviting. Read More

Make your web ministry user-centered

To avoid the common RFA or "Ready-Fire-Aim" approach, we suggest you follow the user-centered design process. Read More

Make your church a melting pot

Does your church reflect the community? Welcoming the immigrant population requires more than just opening your church doors. Read More

Make welcoming church leaders a rich experience

In January, many congregations welcome new officers and leaders. For a rich experience for everyone, include a time of commissioning or recognition during worship. Read More

Is it time to move from friendly to radical hospitality?

"Radical hospitality" requires intentional invitation and welcome. It goes beyond greeters at the door. Read More

Worship at McKendree United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville, Ga. Photo taken Oct. 23, 2016.  Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Welcoming tips for Easter and beyond

Here's how to make Easter visitors comfortable and-eventually-involved in your congregation. Read More