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Think Outside the Egg: Great teaching tools for children this Easter

Actually the egg is a great teaching tool, as are lilies, crosses and crowns. A life-long Sunday school teacher shares tips for helping children understand the miracle of Easter. Read More

A drawing of a cross on Easter morning by Jake Cummings. Image courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

You’re Welcome: Quick and timeless tips for greeting visitors this Easter

Signs, children's decorations, and spontaneity. We've taken the best ideas from our research and experiences to create a welcoming check list this Easter season. Read More

3 ways to boost giving, increase diversity and glorify God

Most giving campaigns are geared towards a narrow demographic, but research shows us that this could be a major flaw. Learn how to increase diversity and giving for the glory... Read More

Voice of faith crucial to young gays

The church has long been conflicted over homosexuality, but a recent rash of suicides shows the need for compassion remains. Read More

Dos and don’ts for welcoming visitors without smothering

There is a fine line between being friendly and solicitous and invading newcomers' space. Here are some ways to reach out and some dos and don'ts when welcoming visitors. Read More

5 types of church visitors: Are you ready for them?

If we want our congregations to grow, if we believe that's part of God's calling, our identity may change as our membership does. Read More

7 practical elements of welcoming

The ministry of welcoming is the responsibility of the entire church family, not of a committee or a few volunteers. Remember these seven elements. Read More

Roll out the welcome mat this Christmas

Some church members seem so engrossed in catching up with their family and friends that visitors end up feeling like part of the décor. Read More

Make your church a melting pot

Does your church reflect the community? Welcoming the immigrant population requires more than just opening your church doors. Read More

Make welcoming church leaders a rich experience

In January, many congregations welcome new officers and leaders. For a rich experience for everyone, include a time of commissioning or recognition during worship. Read More

Is it time to move from friendly to radical hospitality?

"Radical hospitality" requires intentional invitation and welcome. It goes beyond greeters at the door. Read More