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What will I learn?
During Action Step 1, your team will participate in a retreat to help you identify your church valueschurch vision and church mission. This will lay the foundation and set the course for your Church Marketing Plan.

Reading through the Homework and reflecting on prepared reports will help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of how values shape actions and decisions.
  • Reflect on your personal values to help you hone in on the church values that attracted you and drew you to this congregation.
  • Prepare for the team retreat by taking time to visualize the church's future. This prep time may come out of previous strategic planning that you and/or other church leaders have done in the past, or it may be borne out of the time you set aside to pray, reflect and dream about where God is taking your church.
  • Understand the importance of vision clarity and unity before going into Action Step 1.

How long will it take?
One to 1.5 hours (longer if you choose to do further study).



Homework 1: Values
Homework 2: Vision

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