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Top 10 UMC Facebook posts for your church

By Diane Degnan and Ben Rhodes

SUMMARY: Does your church have a Facebook page? If you aren’t using Facebook, you may be missing out on a whale of an opportunity to communicate with your congregation through a channel that many people use every day.

As you seek to determine which communications tools to use to best get your message across and increase your reach, consider how your audience likes to receive information.  Facebook now has more than 500 million active users, with the average user being connected to 80 pages, groups and events. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. 

If you do have a Facebook page, how do you use it? Is it just another way to post the same type of news you put on your website or in the church bulletin, or do you use it to create engagement, dialogue, and community? Facebook and other social media tools provide a way to unlock participation so that communication is no longer one-way. You’re not just passing along information, but creating conversation. Endeavor to connect people with one another. 

Not sure what to post on your Facebook page? Aim for a good mix of content. Some posts can be purely for entertainment purposes. Pose some conversation starters. Ask for feedback. Include photos and videos. Post links to stories that are relevant to your congregation, whether related to your local community or the larger global church, but preface the link with a question or comment that evokes interest or creates curiosity.

To get you started, we’re sharing ten of our favorite Facebook posts from The United Methodist Church that garnered lots of conversation or interest, from hundreds of comments to thousands of click-thrus. These posts could be re-used at any time by local churches. You can also join The United Methodist Church Facebook page and share new links and topics as they are posted.

  • What is your favorite hymn in The United Methodist Hymnal? 
  • What's your spiritual type? This quiz is meant to help you learn about yourself, see how you compare with others, and have a little fun. (Post link
  • Do you know why so many church doors are red? (This post got 4,700 click-thrus in just one day.) (Post link
  • What brought you to The United Methodist Church? 
  • Our church’s Cross and Flame insignia contains elements that relate to God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, John Wesley’s faith, and the merger of two denominations. What does the Cross and Flame mean to you? (Post link
  • Did you know that grape juice, as we know it today, was created by a Methodist Communion steward, Thomas Welch, who sought to provide an alternative to wine used in Holy Communion? Read on to learn why United Methodist churches continue to favor the “unfermented juice of the grape.” (Post link
  • "We each have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us." (Romans 12:6). Do you know your spiritual gifts? Discover them with's online assessment. (Post link
  • What's your favorite thing about your church? 
  • Enjoy learning about your family tree? If there’s a United Methodist minister or missionary among your ancestors and you’d like to know more about them or if you’re looking for baptism or membership records, this guide may help. (Post link
  • Did you know that you may submit a prayer request online at The Upper Room’s Living Prayer Center? Your request will be e-mailed to the Prayer Center, offered for prayer at The Upper Room Chapel, and sent out to Upper Room Covenant Prayer Groups, too. (Post link)