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Action Steps

Marketing Plan Team members will participate in a Strategy Retreat.

community survey

How long will it take?

Each Action Step takes about two weeks to administer. Ideally, Action Steps will be divvied up among members of the Marketing Plan Team. If so, all of the Action Steps can take place simultaneously.

church survey

During this step, your team will come back together for a Strategy Retreat where you will conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis. This process helps you develop your strategy based on your church's:

  • Church Strengths
  • Church Weaknesses
  • Church Opportunities
  • ChurchThreats

What will I Accomplish?
From that process, you will determine your MARKETING PLAN’S:

Target Audience:

  • Who are the people you will focus your primary marketing toward?

Strategic Objective:

  • What is something your church will do to connect with your Target Audience in a way that brings them into a new relationship with your church?

Church Goals:

What do you want your MARKETING PLAN strategy to accomplish? How will you know if you are successful?

Church Resources:

  • What resources (financial, human, facilities) do you have available? How do you prioritize resources to accomplish your goals.


Action Step: Strategy Retreat