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Learning session: YouTube for churches

In this recorded learning session, our experts demonstrate the basics of YouTube as well as provide in-depth tips and hints. View

Learning session: Instagram for churches

Find out how to embrace Instagram’s outreach and connection opportunities and answer your questions about utilizing Instagram for ministry. View

Q&A: Social media for churches, Prt. 2

This recorded learning session is a continuation of the Social Media Q&A held earlier this year, and answers your remaining questions about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. View

Improve your Instagram ministry with one simple change

Instagram can be an effective tool for ministry, but standard profiles lack some of the features and information needed to take a strategic approach. Consider converting to a business profile... Read More

Are you snapping your teens? A case for Snapchat in church

According to a recent survey, 75% of teens age 13-17 use Snapchat. The fun, casual nature of Snapchat lets you build closer relationships with teens than often happen online. Read More

7 deadly sins of church social media

Lots of places tell you what to do on social media, but what about things to avoid? These are seven reliable ways to undermine the time and effort you're putting... Read More

The Facebook strategy you need to quit today

In early 2018, Facebook announced changes to the News Feed and how content is distributed. Here's what churches need to know. Read More

Which social media platform is the best for getting your message out? Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which social media advertising to use?

Social media is a crucial platform for getting your message out. But how do you choose which service to use? Get some tips from a professional marketer. Read More

How to make church memes and why they matter

Lighten up and ride the wave of viral memes as a part of your marketing strategy. Learn how to promote events, recruit volunteers and share scriptures with style! Read More

How to use location as a social media secret weapon

Facebook and Instagram have introduced new features and updated existing ones that highlight location. Utilizing these features offers the opportunity to be seen by more people in your community. Read More

Essential podcasts for United Methodist Leaders

Podcasts give us levity and wisdom while we're waiting around. Here's 12 United Methodist podcasts covering the gamut of communications, technology, leadership, lectionary, young people's ministry and more! Read More

How to use social media to restore trust in the church

Trust is central to the relationship between your church and community. Discover actionable tips that turn your online channels into powerful tools for building that trust. Read More

How to respond to trolls, haters, and honest feedback on Facebook

It is not a matter of if, but when, you will have to deal with negative content on your church’s Facebook page. Learn how to handle these touchy situations. Read More

How to give your church’s Facebook page a facelift

Discover new ideas to freshen up your church's Facebook page and increase engagement. Read More

4 ways to use Facebook Live at church beyond the worship service

Extend your livestream ministry and connect with a growing online congregation. Read More

10 more ways to use Instagram to promote your church (part 2)

If you have a good grasp on using Instagram for ministry, then dive deeper and learn even more ways to promote your church and connect your congregation. Read More

How much should your church spend on marketing?

Be intentional about putting your church marketing budget to work in the best way possible to do the important work of evangelism. Read More

The United Methodist Church offers a variety of branding and advertising resources. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Making the most of your advertising dollars

Even with limited funds, you can learn how to effectively share the good word about your church. Employ these strategies from successful advertising campaigns. Read More

Turn strangers into members and promoters of your church

People don't want their lives interrupted by constant marketing -- they want to be helped. Align goals with their needs and people will help promote your cause. Read More

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing is an article for MyCom eNewsletter, a service of United Methodist Communications.

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing?

It's good to be an early adopter! Just be practical and strategic. Do your research. Technology, while great, will not fix bad church strategy. Read More

Image of Sistine Chapel scene for social media. Edited from original, United Methodist Communications.

Awesome social media opportunities for churches

Use social media to let your congregation's voice shine and reach your community. These tips and tools will help you engage more effectively. Read More

How to boost your blog’s social shares, traffic and SEO value

What’s the point in writing, if no one ever reads your stuff? Is your blog bearing fruit? Take these simple steps to increase readership and get Google to put... Read More

Are online relationships healthy for teens?

As our young ones start exploring online relationships, it's critical that churches learn how beneficial digital fellowship is, how to provide protection and how to audit their communications. Read More

3 ways churches are using text messaging for good

Go ahead! Text in church. It's the preferred form of communication for so many, so it only seems logical to explore ways to utilize this technology in church. Read More

10 best practices for hashtags

Hashtags are so popular, they've transcended social media and made their way into casual conversation. But what exactly is a hashtag and how do we use them? Read More

Free tools to help manage small groups

One of the most important aspects of church life is a vibrant small-group and Sunday school ministry. Find free tools to help church leaders increase their effectiveness in facilitating these... Read More

How to reach newcomers to your area with Facebook ads

71 percent of online adults use Facebook. Learn how to get your church’s message in front of them. You can target people based on location, likes, life circumstances, age and... Read More

How much time should be spent on social media?

The amount of time that any congregation spends using social media to promote its ministries will depend much on the size of the congregation and staff. Learn how to engage... Read More

How the top social media sites use hashtags

Hashtags lead people to your church's social media posts. Learn how each site uses them to get the most benefit. Read More

7 tips to draw visitors with social media

Though we often ask people to invite their friends to church, churches tend to miss asking them to recommend their church via their social-media platforms. Here's how to make that... Read More

6 questions every church social media policy should answer

You’ve probably already implemented a safe sanctuaries policy. Consider developing a complementary social media policy to ensure your church's online environment is safe. Read More

The secret to finding and sharing online content that matters

With Feedly and Buffer, church leaders can easily find and share what their friends and followers care most deeply about. Use these tools to go from sinking in an ocean... Read More

Automate social media with If This Then That (IFTTT)

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a powerful, time-saving tool that church leaders can use to automate online tasks. From sending you a quick text about inclement weather to automatically... Read More

5 creative ways to use Instagram to promote church events

With 200 million active users each month, Instagram has quickly become a must-use social media platform. Here are five of our favorite tips for using Instagram to promote your ministry. Read More

Should your church be LinkedIn?

You've probably received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, but does your church need to be there? Do you really need yet another social media platform? Here's what you need... Read More

9 computer tricks to save you time and money

Often in ministry, there are not enough hours in the day to cover all the needs of a diverse congregation. Here are nine computer practices to help you save time... Read More

Google+ Basics and Benefits For Churches

Google+, Google’s social network, is growing by about 12 million active users per month. If your congregation isn’t already logging onto this expanding site, here are some reasons you... Read More

Drop the bullhorn and engage your community in conversation

Instead of bombarding your social media followers with marketing messages, follow Christ’s example of engaging others in conversation and fostering relationships. Read More

3 simple rules of social media

The rules from Wesley, the founder of Methodism, are simple: "Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God." Check out the ways to follow these simple rules when... Read More

Finding teenagers on social media … again

The desire for "new" drives each new generation to find their own media that matches their lifestyle. Learn how this trend is playing out in social media and find out... Read More

Teens! Can they hear you now?

While the rest of us have finally caught up with Web sites and would not know how to survive without e-mails, generally speaking, most teens have already moved on. Read More

5 ways churches can use Pinterest

By now, you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. It’s gaining interest among churches and for good reason. Here are five ways you can use Pinterest to engage your congregation. View

7 common pitfalls in marketing blogs

A blog is your personal stage for the world. However, if only a few people know about your blog, your stage becomes a milk crate in your living room. These... Read More

What can Twitter teach the church?

In less than a decade, Twitter has exploded to engage more than 500 million users. With such massive success, churches can learn much from this company’s short history. Read More

5 social media guidelines for churches

Sometimes the most difficult part of managing social media is figuring out how to actually use it to effectively build relationships without crossing any lines. Read More

Your questions about Twitter answered

Twitter is akin to a worldwide party to which everyone received an invitation. Read answers to 10 of the top questions people ask about this great social media tool. Read More

5 ways to use hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere. What started on Twitter as a way to categorize topics and conversations, is now a very useful tool on multiple social networks. Learn why you should be... Read More

How to use personality tests to create balanced teams

Teams can fail when they include people with the right skills but the wrong personalities.Create a balance of personalities to think big, analyze options, keep everyone motivated and execute... Read More

When is the best time to post to social networks?

Want the largest audience for your post on Facebook? Want the most likes, favorites or clicks? Like cooking a soufflé or preparing a good roux, there's an art to the... Read More

How to create a social media volunteer dream team

Social media can be a great tool for outreach, but managing it is a big job. If your church, like many, cannot afford a social media manager, consider a volunteer... Read More

Easily find and engage local communities via social media

Even if you're doing everything possible to promote your church and make it easy for new visitors to find you, it may not be enough. So find them. Read More

Learn how to effectively communicate about your VBS to the community. Image © CreationSwap / Rick Aguilar.

Rethink VBS: Turbo-charge your plans and invitations (Part 1)

You no longer can simply post VBS information on the church sign and expect people to come. Use all the tools you have available to connect people to your church. Read More

Find promotion ideas and how to keep people connected after VBS has ended. Image © CreationSwap /Rick Aguilar.

Rethink VBS: Step up promotion and follow-up (Part 2)

Good communications can turn an "OK" event into a significant outreach effort. Here are some excellent promotion ideas and tips to keep people connected after VBS has ended. Read More

4 signs your church needs social media training

You have a website. You tweet. You Facebook. You blog. You may think this article doesn't apply to you. Not so fast. There is always room for improvement. Read More

5 Ways to connect online to create real relationships

Create meaningful online conversations to cultivate real relationships. Read More

Tumblr favored over Facebook for 13- to 25-year-olds

Easy setup and use as well as the micro-blogging ethos of Tumblr make it a natural option for short series of church conversations or events. Here are some blog site... Read More

Bird image from OpenClipart-Vectors, Illustration  by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Easily analyze Twitter: Best time to tweet and more

Wouldn't it be nice to know all your Twitter followers, what they want to talk about and how to best communicate with them? With Audiesense and FollowerWonk, you can! Read More

Stop talking and start listening to your community

Learn what is going on and how others in the digital world see and perceive your church. You'll discover a whole conversation going on about your community, faith and key... Read More

5 Instagram tips for churches

Instagram is like a fun, digital Polaroid without the wait. Take a photo with your mobile device and apply filters to make it look vintage, weathered or enhanced. Engage your... View

Standing in Fall leaves. Photo by Foundry Co,, Pixabay,com; illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

5 Fall Facebook activities that lead to real life engagement

Use Facebook this fall to engage your congregation and other people in your community online. You may discover that face-to-face encounters also result! Read More

Pinterest-ing tips to make your church a curator of cool

Learn how to use this fast-growing online tool for ministry and inspiration for your congregation and the community. Read More

5 tips: Facebook vs. Twitter to grow ministry

Facebook and Twitter are often referred to in the same breath, but these social media giants are vastly different. Here are five simple tips for deciphering the differences and getting... View

10 tips for promoting your event on Facebook

How do you spread the word without overspending? Facebook lets you reach large numbers of people quickly. Here are 10 tips for promoting your event on Facebook. Read More

5 tips for a brilliant blog

What separates a good blog from BRIILLIANT one? Check out these 5 tips. View

10 New Year’s resolutions for bloggers

As the newness wears off, it's easy to let blogging slip to the bottom of the "to-do" list. However, don't stop. These tips can make blogging easier and more effective. Read More

Staying safe on Facebook

With internet safety and privacy concerns mounting, Facebook has created privacy options for personal profiles designed to safeguard your information. Read More

7 rules to reach the masses via Facebook (part two)

These few tips will help you creatively and strategically make the most of your advertising dollars. Read More

Top 10 UMC Facebook posts for your church

Ten of our favorite Facebook posts from The United Methodist Church that garnered lots of attention. Read More

Should your church advertise on Facebook? (part one)

The answer is a resounding "yes!" When you advertise on Facebook, you can reach almost any demographic imaginable, efficiently and effectively. Read More

9 whistles to make more noise with WordPress

Don’t let your blog just sit there. Many add-on features in WordPress enable your blog to be active. Read More

Church ‘noise’ is the ‘spam’ of social media

Are you using social media to strengthen relationships within the church or are you just creating more noise? Read More

Social media etiquette handbook

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums or websites, proper etiquette can set the tone for how people view you and your church. Read More

7 tips to rejuvenate your blog

Successful blogging requires more than writing. It requires a plan of action, creativity, interest and dedication. Read More

Is your blog bearing fruit?

How should you measure your blog's success? Read More

Twitter asks, ‘What are you doing? Should your church answer?’

My 2001 dictionary defines "twitter"as "to utter successive chirping noises, to talk in a chattering fashion and to tremble with agitation." Read More

Bring on the fans! It’s getting hot on Facebook!

Learn how to reach new visitors, conduct online Bible studies, promote community, announce events and more Read More

Attract young adults via podcast

Podcasts enable your church to spread the good word both geographically and youthfully. Read More

Making connections through social networking in cyberspace (part two)

With the contagious nature of social networking in cyberspace and a few well-tested relational strategies, your church can grow its ministry. Read More

Making connections through social networking in cyberspace (part one)

A "digital native" is someone born in the Internet age, which officially began when the World Wide Web went public in 1989. Read More