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Shining your ministry light: A ‘choose your own email adventure’ story


By Jane T. Massey

Your ministries may speak for themselves, but you’ve read in MyCom just how effective and essential promotion is. 

Becoming a good marketer takes time. It requires practice, patience, trying new things and continual learning as new media for communicating messages are presented. The following is an interactive exercise to tone your creative muscles.

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Begin your adventure

In this scenario, marketing isn’t in your comfort zone, and certainly it wasn't a course offered in seminary. Your upcoming weekend church event needs a boost. You've posted on Facebook, tweeted, blogged and pinned the past three weeks — resulting in five RSVPs. (And two of those are from your own family.) Your event is two weekends away. Yikes!

Hmmm...think about how much information bombards and competes for your attention daily. Just how are you supposed to stand out to your members when everyone else is doing all this stuff, too?

I mean, the post about your church event doesn’t even appear in your personal Facebook feed!

What do you do? Choose one: