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Sample the online freebies for churches

By Tracy Woods

SUMMARY: Remember being a kid and entering the candy store on the corner? Everything seemed to be yours for the taking, and it was free! (Well, your parents did pay for it!) Relive the joy of “free-for-the-taking.” Come with me down the licorice path into the treasure trove of online freebies for churches.

As you enter Tracy’s Store of Freebies, keep in mind the following rules: #1—it’s ok to click. #2—It’s ok to look. And #3—it’s ok to take all you want. After all, in my store, everything is FREE!

Start on the right, just past the Necco Wafers Mini Rolls and Root Beer Barrels.

Google Voice: Are you tired of giving out four or more numbers (church office, home, cell, home office, etc.) so people can reach you? With Google Voice, you get one phone number and you  decide which device it rings. If you don’t like listening to voice-mail messages,  Google Voice will transcribe the message and can send it to you in an e-mail. This tool can be a great asset!

Proceed to the back wall by the Black Crows and Boston Baked Beans.

Aviary: This website offers free photo, vector illustration, video and audio editing. Aviary does not require downloads;  it is all Web-based. The site offers fun competitions that can give you an idea of how your work stands up with the rest of the community. Read "More bang for your graphic design efforts" for more ideas on spicing up your visuals.

Go2Convert: If you can’t afford Adobe’s Creative Suite or Photoshop Extended, never fear, Go2Convert is here! This free online tool will take any file (BMP, DIP, JPG, EPS, PCX, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, TGA) and convert it to an easy-to-use format that you can open on your computer. Whether you are a graphic designer or a secretary putting together a bulletin, this online tool is a must!

Round off your visit by the Pop Rocks and Big League Chew.

Here is one more free tool for pastors and churches to use.

Rethink Church: Take a look at all the free resources that Rethink Church has online.

With all the freebies on the Internet, why try to reinvent the sermon presentation and marketing wheel? Take advantage of the resources that have been created and hear your congregation “o-o-oh” and “a-a-ah” at your creativity.