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Polls and Surveys

In Web ministry, you want to receive regular feedback from members, visitors and seekers to your church or organization’s Web presences, such as a website, blog or social network. One way to gain this feedback is through polls and surveys, which can be created and posted electronically and generate quantitative as well as qualitative data. Read more

Survey paints troubling picture of U.S. teens

A study sponsored by Junior Achievement and Deloitte, reveals that many young Americans find violence, lying, stealing and cheating acceptable behavior. Read More

5 key findings new millennial Research

5 key millennial research findings churches should know

Knowing who millennials are is an incredible tool in spreading the message of Jesus. Learn how the new data can help you reach this generation. Read More

8 tips on developing church survey questions

If used properly, research can be a powerful tool in your communicator’s toolkit. Yet, research is only as good as the methodology and questions you ask. Learn the best... Read More

The power of surveys: Discover needs and opportunities

Surveys can provide a way to listen to what motivates respondents and to get honest, open feedback from those who regularly attend your church and from your surrounding community.  ... Read More

A worship survey example from a midsized church

First United Methodist Church of Wapakoneta, recently underwent a pastoral change and decided to use a survey to gather data on current preferences related to worship. An interesting thing happened... Read More

Adjust your marketing plan for each generation

Six generations of consumers exist today. Make sure your marketing efforts reach each generation effectively. Read More

Harvest time: Are your programs producing?

Fall is the time to harvest crops. It is also a good time to see if your church's ministries are producing the harvest you want. Read More

Marketing research: a valuable investment

By researching demographic data, your church can identify what's happening in your area and create a successful strategic marketing plan. Read More

Leaders claim churches don’t communicate

United Methodist pastors and leaders give the denomination low marks for communicating to them about church programs and ministries.
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Won’t you be my neighbor?

A study by The Barna Group reveals many people counted as "unchurched" may receive spiritual guidance from television, radio or Internet ministries. Read More

The big tent? - Differences in attitudes among pastors influence church discussions

The State of the Church Report, prepared by the Connectional Table for General Conference, provided a rare glimpse of United Methodist attitudes and perceptions. Read More

The green grass across the fence - assessing your community’s needs

The time has come to examine our community and its needs. Read More

Moving beyond anecdotes: developing local church member assessments

After the earlier article, "Know Thyself", several pastors requested guidelines for doing member surveys. Here are suggestions and a sample questionnaire to get you started. Read More

Moderation in all things? Do United Methodists really own the middle ground?

United Methodists may think they are more moderate on religious, social and political issues, but isthis perception accurate? ' } Read More

To thine own self be true: assessing your congregation

Marketing is not brain surgery, but it takes some effort.  Are you ready?
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United Methodist churches lack a culture for communications training

Recentsurveys indicate thatmany churches do notimplement communications training. Read More

Local churches use ‘Open Hearts’ extensively

Survey indicates widespread usage of the "Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors." brand promise by local churches. Read More

United Methodist national advertising campaign receives report card

Survey indicates the campaign continues to show progress in building interest among seekers. Read More