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Plug members into the light and life of your church

SUMMARY: You know that old 20/80 rule where 20 percent of a group’s members do 80 percent of the work? Sadly that rule applies to many churches.

The same charged-up people volunteer while others seem to sit passively and dispassionately in the pews from Sunday to Sunday. Does it have to be that way? No!

Many people will get involved if asked personally to help.  One simple way to draw people of all ages into your church’s life is by inviting them to serve as an acolyte, usher or greeter.

These roles are not complicated or time-consuming. Yet people may hesitate when asked because they’ve never been trained and they’re unsure what to do.

A short training session will move people from anxiety to anticipation as they become familiar and comfortable with lighting candles, collecting the offering and welcoming members.

By setting up a 30 minute training session before or after church one Sunday or one night during the week, you can give potential volunteers the tools they need to assist with worship. While every church has its own way of handling these roles, one resource provides an overview of each.

Acolytes, Ushers and Greeters (#6292), a 31-minute DVD, covers each of these areas of ministry in a way that appeals to novices and veterans alike. It addresses topics such as how to seat late arrivals and what to do if a candle won’t light. Incorporating this DVD into your training session will put new recruits at ease and help them to move from uncertainty to preparedness.