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What will I learn?
In this step, the Marketing Plan Team will have conversations with the congregation and community so you can assess perceptions and needs, conduct surveys, interview teams and individuals and host focus groups.

Reading through this section and reflecting on work conducted so far will:

  • Help you understand the importance of perception and how it applies to marketing.
  • Help you understand how to assess and meet needs in the congregation and community.
  • Keep the vision fresh. As you listen and learn from the congregation and community's perspectives, you will need to continually assess and note how that compares to the vision.
  • Prepare you for the types of questions you need to ask to glean the most helpful information from the congregation and community.

community survey

How long will it take?
One to two hours (longer if you choose to do further study).


Homework 1: Perception
Homework 2: Community Needs