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Media relations articles

7 ways to overcome bad PR and rebuild trust

Bad things happen. How you respond is critical not only to the recovery from the situation but also your credibility. Here are the basics. (We hope you never need them!) Read More

How to get news coverage for your church event

Media coverage can help the public understand more about what your church does and why. Organizing a successful event is one way to generate news coverage. Read More

5 tips for obtaining media coverage of your church event

It is easy for leaders to avoid becoming involved in disagreements or to overreact to staff conflicts. Neither approach is healthy. Here are some tips on how to meet staff... View

Manage media relations to your church’s benefit

Sending out news releases is not the best way to develop good relationships with the media. Here are some great ideas to consider: Read More

Publicity for pennies!

Before you slash the marketing budget, let's look at creative ways you can get your church's name out in public for less than $90 a month! Read More

13 tips for attracting news media

Your church is having a special event, and you want the whole community to know. How do you get the word to the news media? Read More

Are you ready to communicate in a crisis?

Sometime. Somewhere. It's going to happen. There will be a crisis or controversy in your organization that requires practiced response and handling. Read More

Writing press releases with pizzazz!

A well-written release increases your exposure, enhances your image and generates good attendance at your event. Read More

Ten tips for sharing church news in public media

What is the best way to tell the story of your church? In other words, how can you get the local newspaper, TV or radio station to run your releases... Read More