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I saw the signs - Interiors (Screencast, part 2)

In part two of three screencasts, Kim Pope-Seiberling focuses attention on good interior signage. View

"How we work" with Julie Mirlicourtois

On today's episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast we are talking with Julie Mirlicourtois, Media Director at The Story Houston in Houston, Texas. Listen

Email is thriving at middle age

If you think email's spammy or obsolete, you're missing out on the most trusted tool available to nonprofits. Read More

Shining your ministry light: A ‘choose your own email adventure’ story

Have a little fun rediscovering how and why email works best in this adapted "choose your own adventure" story. Read More

I saw the signs (Screencast, part 1)

In part one of three screencasts, Kim Pope-Seiberling will show you the basics of creating enduringly helpful directional signs for your church View

"How we work" with John Barolo

On today's episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast we are talk with John Barolo, Director of Communications at Hyde Park United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida. Listen

Weathering winter with virtual worship (including the offering!)

Answer four questions to help you prepare to worship online when you’re snowed out. We offer options for every budget and technical ability. Read More

How to Market Youth Ministry

While solid communication principles and practices can be applied to all facets of ministry, it never hurts to take a deeper dive into some of the specific areas of ministry. ... Listen

3 creative marketing ideas for Christmas Eve

How do you stand out from all the other churches in town offering Christmas Eve services? How do you get the word out beyond your walls? Read More

Using Canva to create eye-catching (but easy) church graphics

This screencast tutorial introduces you to online design tools, Canva and Crello. Learn how churches can get a free Canva for Work account to easily design graphics. View

Amplify impact in global health appeals with a simple communication model

As a leader, you inspire others to act on opportunities for living out our calling to help others. Find the communications efforts that work best for year-end initiatives. Read More

How to make you church website visitor-friendly

Your church website is the new front door for your church. More and more, people are checking out locations online first before visiting in person—particularly young adults. Listen

14 ways churches unintentionally send signals of unwelcome

Make sure your church -- from the people to the curb -- are visitor-ready. Here's a checklist of 14 unintentional and commonly overlooked roadblocks. Read More

How to get started with Facebook ads - Part 2

This episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast is the second of two parts on Facebook advertising, and today our guest is Alejandro Reyes. Alejandro is the genius behind Church... Listen

How to visualize your ministry workflows and to-do list

Finding an app that works for visually‑inclined people can be difficult. Kanban is a system built to be visual and is available through many free apps. Read More

The attention and power of the creative moment

You only have a brief time to grab someone's attention and encourage them to learn more about what you have to offer. Read More

Make spirits bright with a seeker-friendly outreach event this Christmas

Discover how to plan and host a festive, fun Christmas outreach event that attracts all of your community -- even people unaffiliated with a church. Read More

How to improve the design of your church communication materials

This screencast will guide you through easy, inexpensive ways to improve everything from your church's bulletin to the signage inside and outside your building. View

How to get started with Facebook ads - Part 1

This episode of the MyCom Church Marketing Podcast is the first of two parts on Facebook advertising, and today we will walk you through what you need to know to... Listen

How to communicate with church members in the wake of tragedy

Whether it’s a natural disaster or other crisis, your messages matter before, during and after the event. An ill-considered or ill-timed response could be dangerous as well as costly. Read More

How the church can celebrate Christmas with simplicity

Celebrating with simplicity doesn’t have to mean pruning everything you love. Learn what to cut so you can still go big minus the burnout. Read More

How to clean up your church website

Church websites can get messy quickly, and without regular maintenance, they can get downright out of control. If it has been awhile since the last cleanup of your ministry's site,... Listen

7 ways to overcome bad PR and rebuild trust

Bad things happen. How you respond is critical not only to the recovery from the situation but also your credibility. Here are the basics. (We hope you never need them!) Read More

The who, what, why of giving your most effective speech in any setting

Pick up speechwriting tips from preacher and best-selling writer, Adam Hamilton, to help you connect with your audience. Read More

Connecting new people to the Church

This podcast episode focuses on the lifecycle process of bringing new people into the church. It's the final episode of four in the Church Growth Series. Listen

Apple’s new tools can boost your church live streams as well as life balance

Separate hype from real ministry applications in this review of the September 12, 2018, Apple keynote event. Learn why a phone is just as good as a camcorder to live stream. Read More

Guest readiness and hospitality are greater than being nice

This podcast episode focuses on guest readiness and is the third episode of four in the Church Growth Series. Listen

Beat the email “blahs” with 5 helpful but simple writing hints

Are you communicating your messages as effectively as possible through email? This infographic highlights five simple tips to crafting a more compelling message. Read More

The Rev. Sandra Jimenez. Photo courtesy of the Rev. Sandra Jimenez.

Leader Spotlight: The Rev. Sandra Jimenez

Taking her ministry to the streets, the Rev. Sandra Jimenez sets up a folding table and chairs and invites passersby to stop and talk, learning about neighbors and their needs. Read More

Leader Spotlight

Each month we will highlight leaders and their ministries, which we hope will inspire. encourage and equip you in your own ministry contexts. Read More

Leader Spotlight: The Rev. Jaime Vazquez

Learn tips for new, cultural ministries from the Rev. Vazquez, who realized effective ministry strategies in one country might not always be as successful in other contexts. Read More

8 steps to declutter and make the best impression

For a church, every interaction matters and makes an impression. Eliminating clutter helps your church focus more on hospitality and ministry. Read More

Two women preform traditional dance at a cultural festival in Mexico. Photo by sydney Rae on

Five ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

These tips will help your congregation celebrate diversity and the positive contributions of our Hispanic/Latino brothers and sisters to our churches and communities. Read More

The Rev. Olu Brown shares tips on reaching people — even those who don’t look or act like “church people.” Image by Ric Rodrigues,

Reaching people who don’t look or act like “church people”

Reaching people who aren’t typical churchgoers requires making them feel comfortable and able to be themselves. The Rev. Olu Brown offers tips for creating a welcoming experience. Read More

Plan outreach events that build relationships and growth

This podcast focuses on outreach events that will help your church build relationships and get connected with the community. Listen

Animated Wesleys make Methodist history fun

John and Charles Wesley make their debut as animated characters in this engaging new series. Share these videos on your website, social media or download them for viewing. Read More

Is Your Church Ready for Growth?

While all churches should want to grow, change is difficult. We need to first ask ourselves if we are ready and make sure the church is healthy enough to grow. Listen

How to record the history of your church

Your church has a story to tell, and your congregation wants to hear it. Here are a few tips to help you share the history of your church. Read More

How to make your emails more memorable

Email doesn’t have to be boring! Check out these great ideas to make sure your emails never get ignored. Read More

Outreach Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

Use these resources to invite your community to join you for worship and events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month as well as to celebrate Hispanic-Latino culture and traditions. Read More

Photo by Rob, Adobe Stock. Illustration by Justin Seeley, United Methodist Communications.

Back-to-school social media graphics

Use these memes on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets to promote your Back-to-School outreach. Download

Simple email automation for churches

Email communication is only truly effective if we are sending the right messages at the right time. Today, we're discussing email automation with church communications expert, Kenny Jahng. Listen

How to use Adobe Spark for easy church graphic design

Here's a great screencast tutorial on how Adobe Spark can help your church create sermon series graphics, scripture quotes, event posters and much more! Read More

Outreach Resources for Back to School

As a new school year begins, families will be searching for community connections as they settle into a routine. Reach out to your neighbors with these outreach tools. Read More

Outreach Resources for Back to School

As a new school year begins, families will be searching for community connections as they settle into a routine. Reach out to your neighbors with these outreach tools. Read More

Where to start with church branding (part 2)

In the last episode on branding 101 we discussed writing for your target audience. Today we're covering several more branding basics. Joining us today is Chris Heiden, Brand Creative Manager for... Listen

How to organize communication requests at your church

In churches of any size, it can be hard to stay on top of every request. With planning and free digital tools, you can design a system that works for... Read More

Getting the entire congregation involved in communication efforts

Just like symphonies are made up of people who play different roles, churches need to divide the task of communicating internally and externally among volunteers. Read More

A father carrying his son on his shoulders enjoys a walk on the beach. Image by Peter James Anthony,

Grow your congregation through special focus Sundays

Reach more members and visitors by identifying Sundays to emphasize a particular group or event, such as a Father's Day observance, a Blessing of the Backpacks Sunday or recognition of... Read More

Grace Kids UMC: Changing the world by starting where you are

At Grace Kids United Methodist Church in Kentucky, Pastor Corey Nelson has learned that changing the world often means starting right where you are. Read More