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Step 5: Evaluation & Adjustment

Your Marketing Plan Team is in the process of implementing a strong marketing plan! As you continue to implement the various tactics from your MARKETING PLAN, the Team will want to track and record progress, evaluate results and make adjustments as needed.

Marketing Plan Evaluation:

  • The organized, intentional effort to evaluate the planning, implementation and impact of your MARKETING PLAN. Early on in this process your Marketing Plan Team determined specific goals and measurable objectives. Then you developed specific tactics to accomplish these goals and objectives. Now, you will conduct evaluations to learn what happened and why.


  • This is what you will DO with your evaluation findings. As you evaluate and learn about successes, they should be communicated and celebrated. As you learn of challenges, they should be reviewed. As needed, alterations/revisions can be made to your MARKETING PLAN (for future tactics) and/or the Plan’s overall objectives and goals.

    This step is focused to provide ongoing tracking of your MARKETING PLAN’S objectives, goals and tactics – with the Marketing Plan Coordinator, Team and others communicating regularly about progress, successes and challenges.



  • Ongoing

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