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Instagram basics: How to start using Instagram for your church


This how-to video series will help your church with the basics of creating, and using, an account to document and promote your ministries. 

How to set up an account for your local church

Does your local church have an Instagram account? Take two minutes to learn how to set up an account, step by step. View

Content ideas for local churches

Engaging photos are the key to successful Instagram posts. Get content ideas to make your church come alive! View

How to share a photo to Instagram

Posting to Instagram is as simple as uploading your photos to your account. Learn how to upload and use Instagram filters to make your favorite photos more engaging. View

How to use hashtags

What’s a hashtag and why should you care about them? In this two-minute video, you’ll learn everything you need to know about hashtags. View

How to get followers

Take one minute to learn simple strategies for building followers to your church's Instagram account. View