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Action Steps

Marketing Plan Coordinator with the Marketing Plan Team members.

community survey

How long will it take?
Planning: One to two weeks.
Brainstorming session: Three to four hours.
Review and prioritize: Four to ten hours.

church survey

During this step, your team will come back together for a brainstorming session to develop a lengthy list of potential tactics/tools/ideas to be considered to support the church’s efforts to reach its target audience and objectives/measurable goals. They will then prioritize that list for implementation.

The marketing coordinator will organize these tactics into the detailed, ready to implement portion of your marketing plan. The team will have one more opportunity to review and make any final modifications.

What will I accomplish?
At the end of this step, you will have your MARKETING PLAN – a living, continually evolving document – that will be referenced for months/years to come. This document will serve as your church’s roadmap both now and into the future to organize, guide and monitor/track your efforts to connect and communicate with your target audience and community.


Action Step 1: Tactics Brainstorming & Prioritizing
Action Step 2: Marketing Plan Development & Review
Action Step 3: Marketing Plan Approval & Implementation