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Grow Your Church Online: Web Ministry


Your Web ministry is not only a great way to share information with church members, it’s an effective way to reach newcomers, and one of your best marketing tools. 

United Methodist Communications can help you build and maintain an engaging website from the virtual ground up. We have a gallery of templates, domain registration and affordable web hosting. Our training course, Launching Your Church Website, provides marketing tips for identifying your goals and crafting your message, steps for actually building a WordPress site, and support as you grow.

A church’s Web ministry is more than just a great site, it is the successful implementation of all your digital platforms. From email newsletters to social media to search engine optimization, we have a library of articles for using the tools and resources of the Internet to fulfill your mission.

Want to grow your church online? We’re here to help.

Your web presence is an important part of your ministry. Photo illustration by Kathyrn Price/Laurens Glass, courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

What Is Web Ministry?

Web ministry is more than having a Web presence or website. It's about using the Internet tools of the 21st century to enhance and expand your church's ministry. Read More

Basic Tools

These tools help you implement your church's web plans. Read More

Website Building

To learn good website building and keeping it up-to-date, explore these topics. Read More

User-Centered Design

For purposes of Web ministry, we have adapted Jesse James Garrett’s foundational principles for the user-centered design into a seven-phase process. Read More

Online Promotion

Here are a few easy ways to promote your church’s Web presence. Read More

Launching Your Church Website

Launching Your Church Website focuses on going beyond just having a church website to effectively implementing a broader online presence. View