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Grow your church online articles

Essential podcasts for United Methodist Leaders

Podcasts give us levity and wisdom while we're waiting around. Here's 12 United Methodist podcasts covering the gamut of communications, technology, leadership, lectionary, young people's ministry and more! Read More

How can virtual volunteers help your church?

Even when they can’t be physically present, there are people who would love to lend a hand in cyber service. Make a plan and start recruiting virtual volunteers today. Read More

Innovative online practices to engage your members during Lent. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Online engagement ideas for Lent

Lent is a time of reflection. Here are some creative ways churches can engage members and potential visitors during Lent. Read More

The United Methodist Church offers a variety of branding and advertising resources. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Making the most of your advertising dollars

Even with limited funds, you can learn how to effectively share the good word about your church. Employ these strategies from successful advertising campaigns. Read More

How to recruit volunteers: When begging doesn’t work

By using some innovative and creative means of promoting the need for volunteers, you can let people know about service opportunities without turning them off. Read More

Online forms for dummies: Easy tips to save time and money

Easily collect emails, donations and volunteer registrations. This isn't up for discussion. Start saving time, money and the environment today. Read More

Drastically increase your email audience

Churches can use opt-ins to gather new names for their databases, send emails and connect with people. Start maximizing the effectiveness of your ministry with opt-ins now. Read More

Free access to premium apps via Google for Nonprofits

Gaining nonprofit status for Google Apps is a great way for churches to provide enterprise-level email and document management without having a large software expense. Read More

Make a perfect landing on your website

You point people to your website, but do you have landing pages for specific ministries or missions or special emphases? Read More

What is private online? Why should churches care?

It seems every month, another huge hack lights up the Internet. All of that raises questions for churches. What is private online? How do I ensure my privacy? Read More

Church: There’s an app for that

There truly is an app for almost everything. Many churches have jumped on the app bandwagon, offering everything from donations to podcasts. Let’s look at the options for using... Read More

10 tips for keeping your website or blog fresh

Updating your church’s website or blog can seem daunting, especially if you lack inspiration or time. Use these 10 ideas when you are stuck in a rut. Read More

How to draw searchers to your church with terrific title tags

Optimize your titles, so your church website can be found. Follow these tips and you are sure to see an increase in search traffic to your website and, ultimately, visitors... Read More

Think you know the Web? Think again: Web myths debunked

New technology that measures second-by-second and pixel-by-pixel behavior is proving that clicks are pretty poor indicators of actual engagement. Here’s what churches can learn from these new findings. Read More

5 church website examples optimized for search engines (SEO)

If someone searching the generic term “United Methodist Church” cannot find your church website, then you haven’t optimized for search. Here are examples you can tweak to optimize five... Read More

Web hosting reviews for churches

Shopping for a new web hosting solution is tough. So instead of delving into the exhaustive web hosting abyss, we considered the church's needs first and offer several affordable solutions. Read More

Current graphic design trends in 2014

Like most artistic expressions graphic design goes through changes that reflect the spirit of the times. Learn about and view several examples of the most current trends in 2014. Read More

Online security for churches

Churches produce and store large amounts of information. What happens when computers crash, viruses attack and hackers hack? Are you prepared to stop these problems or repair a broken system? Read More

Avoid computer nightmares: Free and paid backup solutions

Even if communications is already a priority in your church, might there be opportunities for growth? Find out. Gather a team and perform a church communications audit. Read More

Web design trends

Are you designing a new website for your church? Does your outdated website need a new look? Consider these web-design trends. Read More