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Action Steps

The Marketing Plan Coordinator, with support from the Marketing Plan Team and others.

community survey

How long will it take?
This will depend upon what you are measuring and could take anywhere between less than an hour to weeks.

church survey

During the previous steps, you worked hard to develop your MARKETING PLAN. Now that you have started implementing the plan, it is highly important that you keep your eyes on the big picture as well as evaluate individual tactics to ensure you are meeting your objectives and goals.

What will I accomplish?
Ongoing management of your MARKETING PLAN will allow you to measure progress toward your goals and identify opportunities where adaptations may be needed in your plan. You will also be able to communicate and celebrate successes.


Action Step 1: Ongoing Plan Management
Action Step 2: Measure Progress: Objectives/Goals/Tactics
Action Step 3: Communicate, Celebrate Success
Action Step 4: Adjusting your plan