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11 mistakes to avoid in church website design

If you already have a fabulous church website, congratulations! If you don't, use these tips and you will soon have an attractive, clear and engaging web presence. Read More

Live broadcast your worship service online - free

Illness, travel, weather should no longer be cause for missing worship. Google Hangouts video streaming is easy and your church likely has what it takes. Read More

5 steps to spring clean your church website

Inevitably, people will search church websites and come across dead pages, bad links and seriously outdated information. These Web visitors probably will not visit in person. Don't let this happen... Read More

5 Google Analytics tools for the mission of the church (part 2)

Google Analytics has a bevy of tools that will help you refine and adapt your church website to be an extension of mission instead of another brochure. Read More

8 DIY security hacks to protect church and family on the web

Granting your church and children Web access opens a Pandora’s box of content that you don't want them to see. You can purchase security software, but here are several... Read More

Ironclad Internet security software for church and family

Church leaders must protect their congregation from damaging images on the web. The security software we reviewed is specifically designed to keep loved ones from finding their way to the... Read More

Make giving easy: Services, credit card readers and more

Online giving has its own set of complexities and options; however, it is becoming easier to navigate the set-up process. New options for online giving are being developed all the... Read More

3 free steps to start your podcast today

With just a computer and a connection to the internet, you can broadcast your audio content to the world. Here are three easy steps to podcasting today. Read More

5 ways you can change the world with technology

If you're looking for a way to help remote parts of the world have better access to education, economic development and disease prevention, here are five things you should know... Read More

How to stream worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 2)

Many streaming services promise that all you need is a webcam and an Internet connection. However, streaming requires a significant amount of time, resources and the commitment of volunteers. Read More

What video hosting services should your church use?

Perhaps you have videos to share with a wider audience, but are unsure about which service to use. Here is a rundown of online video hosting services so you can... Read More

Video marketing Part 2: Production tips for video marketing

Although countless viral videos prove content triumphs over production quality, we still want to cover basic filming techniques. Should your crew have more time to prepare, follow these tips to... Read More

Breaking the chains of clip art for free

You can always go to places like iStockPhoto to get quality images quickly. However, if you spend a little extra time and employ a more critical eye, you can get... Read More

Video marketing Part 1: Can I do it and is it worth it?

Technology and lower costs make video production accessible to most churches. Let usdispel misconception, so you may enhance your church marketing efforts with video! Read More

Taking inviting photos of your church

Carelessly photographed church pictures can convey a negative message. Here are tips and techniques to take the best photos of your church - photos that will welcome people before they... Read More

5 tips for taking better photos with your smartphone

Aside from finding the best lighting, planning shots and experimenting with perspective, how do you take smartphone snapshots to the next level to improve your photography skills? Here are five... Read More

8 low-cost or free Web-based tools for ministry

With all the apps available online, it's difficult to know which ones will be most helpful. So we swam the sea of Web-based tools and discovered some fabulous low-cost or... Read More

It’s time! Put your sermon audio online: Best hosting plans

Among any church's most easily shared resources is the weekly sermon. New Web technologies and digital recorders make it is easy to capture and upload sermons. What are you waiting... Read More

Cool tools to make your own infographics

An infographic is a storyboard in one image, loaded with information. With great tools like these, making your own infographics does not require graphic-design training or html knowledge. Read More

Optimization and annotations in YouTube (Part 2)

Optimized YouTube videos increase your channel's rank in search results. Here are a few tips and advanced techniques for adding keywords, call to actions and more. Read More