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Bird image from OpenClipart-Vectors, Illustration  by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Bird image from OpenClipart-Vectors, Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Easily analyze Twitter: Best time to tweet and more


By Darby Jones

According to a recent study, Twitter is the fastest growing social platform in the world. We hope your Twitter followers are growing rapidly as well. If so, you probably don't know who they all are. Although that's a good problem to have, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly who they are, what they want to talk about and how you can best communicate with them? With the two Twitter tools, Audiense and FollowerWonk, you can do all of these things!

Learn how these Twitter tools can help enhance your church marketing efforts.


This tool allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter followers in a variety of ways. Some of the most beneficial features include:

  • Find the best time to tweet your followers. Would you like to promote a church program coming up this weekend? Audiense will tell you the optimal time to get your message to the widest audience. It breaks down the information by online followers and potential exposure by the hour or the day of the week. It also shows replies and re-tweets (RT) by hour or day of week.
  • Compare your church’s information to similar churches. With Audiense, you can filter your followers by language, number of followers or friends, follower/friend ratio, number of tweets per day and more. Not only do you receive this data on your own account; you also can type any other Twitter handle and see the information related to that account. With this feature, you can determine if you are on par with your peers at other churches or organizations. If they have more followers and friends, for example, examine their strategies to determine what your church can borrow.
  • Discover what your followers are discussing. Through SocialBro’s tagcloud feature, you can examine the most common subjects your followers talk about and the links they’ve shared, allowing you to connect with them. Are your followers talking about their weekend plans? Tweet about the rummage sale the church has this weekend. Are they discussing the latest episode of “American Idol”? Find a way to connect the show with this week's sermon.


If you want features similar to Audiense but don't want to download a dashboard, consider FollowerWonk. This simpler Twitter management tool is free for some features, but you need to be a subscriber to access all of the options. The subscription price varies, depending on the number of followers and friends. However, many beneficial features are available free (SocialBro has similar features), including:

  • Search Twitter bios. Are you looking for a follower who is a photographer and can snap some shots at your upcoming event? Type in “photographer,” and you'll instantly have a list of potential candidates. You can search by name, URL, location or number of friends, followers or tweets.
  • Find influential followers. FollowerWonk can provide you with a pie chart of data on who follows your followers. Your followers with the most followers generally have the most influence. These are the people your church would want to target to help spread a message by re-tweeting your tweets.

Both Audiense or FollowerWonk will provide valuable data you can use to strengthen and manage your Twitter presence. By knowing your followers, you can tweet the information they want when they want it.