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United Methodist Church Marketing Plan Tool



Welcome—We’re glad you’re here!

We know your church wants to fulfill its God-designed purpose, communicate more effectively, and act as a good steward. We created the Church Marketing Plan Tool (CMPT) to help you achieve those goals.

This is not a cookie cutter approach. Just the opposite, in fact. This two-phase process—Research & Vision followed by Strategy & Implementation—will guide your church through development of a customized marketing plan based on its values, the needs of your members and community, and your available resources.

Knowing the hectic schedules of pastors and church leaders, your available time—or lack thereof—has been factored into the design of the CMPT. That’s why we’ve established a framework that culminates in a one-day marketing retreat during which your team will produce a draft of your marketing plan.

Who is involved?

Your Marketing Plan Team will likely consist of…

Schedule for Marketing Meeting: Part 1


Every church will be different in its usage and pace of this meeting. Yet the following suggestions for topics and time may help to keep the momentum going.

We do recommend that you reserve the equivalent of one business day (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) to cover your meeting. The list below would apply to your discussions during the morning hours: