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Cool tools to make your own infographics

By Laura Powell

An infographic is one image, loaded with information, data and useful links. We quickly whipped together an infographic about infographics using With a little design skill and practice, you could create something really eye-catching. We also made this infographic promoting Change the World weekend, which you are invited to use to inspire your congregation.

Why use infographics? It can be difficult to capture attention online; however, since infographics are visual, they are effective at catching attention and for use in social media. 

Here’s even better news. You can make your own infographics. Here are some great, affordable tools to get you started:
Easily create your infographic with drag-and-drop features and a simple interface. This tool has a dozen visual themes to help you begin. You can use a preset infographic style or clear it and start with a blank canvas. You will find 10 categories of images to place in your infographic or you can upload your own icons and backgrounds.

This allows you to create an innovative image using a combination of different types of visuals such as themes, icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. Just drag, drop and click; then export as static or html to embed easily. While the “Pro version” offers much more, a simple, free version is also available.
Import data into the site. The site’s tool will help you turn it into a visual in minutes. Six layouts will help you begin. The resulting infographic can be static or interactive. You can share the final product through social media or use the code supplied to embed it on your website.

This free tool is best for creating a digital timeline to use online. It will map the history of almost any subject with multimedia.

When you want to create a beautiful timeline, it is as easy as completing a Google spreadsheet. This tool has built-in support for Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and more.

More FREE design tools

  • Pixlr – A great online photo editor. Registration is not required.
  • – Create an infographic based on your social media stats, friends and more.
  • Icon Archive – 297,000 free icons.
  • Free Vector infographic Kit – 50 basic vector infographic elements from MediaLoot.
  • iCharts – Create online charts free or pay a fee.
  • Hohli – Create basic 2-D and 3-D charts.
  • Tableau Public – Create data-heavy charts.
  • Gliffy - Design flowcharts, floor plans and other technical renderings.

With great tools like these, making your own infographics does not require graphic-design training or html knowledge. Next time you have data to present or want to get someone’s attention online, start brainstorming. One of these tools will help you through the process.