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Woman writing a blog post. Image created from mockup by Marco Waldner,

Image created from mockup by Marco Waldner,

Blog Ministry Overview


Would you like to reach 4 billion people1 every day with your church’s ministry and mission absolutely free? Then you might be ready to start a blog ministry. With more than 4.6 million new blog posts appearing in cyberspace each day2, it is time for your church to harness this free online communications tool. A blog is a “web log” originally developed as an electronic journal or diary for people to share personal experiences.

Today, blogs by individuals and groups range from grassroots organizing to faith journey and resource sharing. Creating a blog for your local church is a quick and easy way to share information and generate interest and involvement for a particular ministry. It is also ideal for engaging members, visitors and seekers in conversations about their spiritual lives and faith questions.

Your pastor could host a “Sermon Reflections” blog where people offer insights about the Scripture readings that form the foundation of the Sunday sermon or share real-life examples of biblical stories. Perhaps your missions committee could host a blog to enlist support for the congregation’s disaster-relief efforts or the community food pantry.

Consider creating a blog that lists upcoming events, highlights stories of changing lives, reports ministry news or provides devotionals. Your blog also can include links to your church Web site, display photographs, and feature video and audio clips.

A successful blog has a clear focus and is to-the-point and genuine. Target a specific audience or interest group — and be consistent. People will be more likely to read and subscribe to your blog ministry if you write frequent, short posts and invite comments.

If you know how to send and receive e-mail, you can create and host a dynamic blogging ministry for your church in just a few minutes. It is a free, easy way to connect with people.

1 The number of Internet users as of December 2017, by Internet World Stats.
2 Internet Live Stats, August 13, 2018.

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