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Blog Ministry

Today, blogs by individuals and groups range from grassroots organizing to faith journey and resource sharing. Creating a blog for your local church is a quick and easy way to share information and generate interest and involvement for a particular ministry. Read More

How to boost your blog’s social shares, traffic and SEO value

What’s the point in writing, if no one ever reads your stuff? Is your blog bearing fruit? Take these simple steps to increase readership and get Google to put... Read More

7 tips to draw visitors with social media

Though we often ask people to invite their friends to church, churches tend to miss asking them to recommend their church via their social-media platforms. Here's how to make that... Read More

10 tips for keeping your website or blog fresh

Updating your church’s website or blog can seem daunting, especially if you lack inspiration or time. Use these 10 ideas when you are stuck in a rut. Read More

7 common pitfalls in marketing blogs

A blog is your personal stage for the world. However, if only a few people know about your blog, your stage becomes a milk crate in your living room. These... Read More

Blog Ministry Resources

To build a dynamic blog ministry, consider these resources: BLOGGING WEBSITES These blogging websites offer free services and are as easy to use as email or... Read More

Computer screen shows a blog post being written. Image from CC0 Public Domain.

To get started with your blogging ministry today, follow these steps. Read More

Blogs in Plain English

A video for people who wonder why blogs are such a big deal. View

Micro-blogging for Ministry

What is micro-blogging? Micro-blogging is a term described by Wikipedia as "a form of blogging that allows users to write brief text updates (usually less than 200 characters) and publish them,... Read More

Woman writing a blog post. Image created from mockup by Marco Waldner,

Blog Ministry Overview

Would you like to reach 1.596 billion people every day with your church’s ministry and mission absolutely free? Read More

5 tips for a brilliant blog

What separates a good blog from BRIILLIANT one? Check out these 5 tips. View