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Communications Training


United Methodist Communications offers church training courses to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to be an effective church leader. Choose from online training or request on-site training from one of our professional trainers and workshop leaders.

Face-to-Face Training

United Methodist Communications Training can bring half-day or full-day workshops directly to your annual conferences or districts. View

Internal Church Communication

Developing an internal church communication plan is vital to consistent messaging, managing change, and maximizing interactions with church members. View

Social Media For Churches

Social media is everywhere these days. Shouldn’t the church be there too? In this course, we will show you the basics of using social media for ministry. View

Welcoming Ministry

Welcoming Ministry will help you maximize your gifts and resources to make your congregation more welcoming to visitors and members. View

Launching Your Church Website

Launching Your Church Website focuses on going beyond just having a church website to effectively implementing a broader online presence. View

Church Marketing: How to Effectively Reach Your Community

Tell your church’s story with this start-to-finish guide, designed just for United Methodist churches. View

Connectional Giving

The online Connectional Giving course provides church leaders a holistic and biblical view of generosity. View

What It Means to Be United Methodist

This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to learn more about what it means to be a United Methodist. View