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5 Tips to create PowerPoints with pizazz!

By Natalie Bannon

PowerPoint presentations can be an awesome learning tool to drive the message home to your congregation or small group. But don’t fall prey to PowerPoint blunders. Here are five quick tips for a perfect PowerPoint presentation.

1. Less is more.
Avoid too much text on each slide. Paragraphs of text can be overwhelming and boring. When possible, use bullet points and don’t read verbatim from the screen. Your presentation should enhance your message, not be the message. Aim for the 6x6 rule, which calls for no more than six lines on each slide and 6 words per line. 

2. No fancy fonts.
While fancy fonts might be pretty, they’re not easy to read. Increase readability by using basic fonts like Arial, Calibri or Verdana. Standard font sizes for projection are 48 point for a heading, 36 point for the sub-heading, 24 point for the body text and 18 point for any copyright or source information. Bold the font to increase readability.

3. Easy on the eyes.
The top visually-pleasing color combinations are black text on a yellow background, green on white, blue on white, white on blue and black on white. Avoid red on yellow, green on red, red on green and red on black.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Embrace the power of this cliché. One sentence and a photo can speak volumes and stir the senses to help audiences remember your point.

5. Variety in video.
Keep your audience on their toes and glued to your presentation by including one or two video clips. UMTV has compelling videos to use during worship or you can shoot them yourself with your cell phone or digital camera. Check out for UMTV videos and inspiration.

Proofread, practice and arrive early. It seems like technical difficulties always pop up when you least expect them. Keep your cool and credibility by troubleshooting before your audience arrives. For more quick tips, check out and visit our website at