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Imagine No Malaria Advent Resources

Can you imagine a world where malaria does not exist, where children live their lives in joy and mothers sleep peacefully knowing their children will wake up healthy?

We can.

Join us on the journey to Imagine No Malaria! New, free Advent downloadable resources are now available, as well as multiple free resources like fly swatters, donation boxes, stickers, and honor/thank you cards

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To access the downloadable resources, click on 'Resources' at the top of the page. The full resource set is available in the "Advent Toolkit" under Recommended Engagement Kits, or you can scroll down and filter by "Advent" to download individual resources including high-resolution graphics from the video and the video itself. 

We invite and encourage you to take advantage of these sermon starters, worship elements, children's sermons, graphics, videos and more as you plan your Advent worship. Also included are PowerPoint templates for each week in Advent corresponding to the weekly themes. 

Blessings to you and yours, 

The Imagine No Malaria team