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Sybille Fleischmann

Founder and Senior Program Manager, POSSYBIL

Sybille Fleischmann

Senior program manager and technology manager for POSSYBIL, Sybille Fleischmann is passionate about using technology to open opportunities for people in remote communities around the world.

She focuses on making technology affordable and accessible through innovative approaches that adjust to local needs and can scale affordably and efficiently. Sybille has managed solution development and deployment for pilot programs aimed at improving education and technology access in schools in Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

In 2009, after 13 years pioneering programs and projects at Microsoft, Sybille started her own consulting business POSSYBIL, focused on improving efficiency and impact of technology projects in developing countries. She has coordinated projects with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to deploy Community Technology Access Centers in refugee camps in Rwanda and Bangladesh. Sybille lived two years in Haiti as country director for Inveneo, connecting 20 rural communities to the information highway, deploying solar-powered computer labs to more than 50 rural schools in Haiti and providing training on basic teaching and computing skills to more than 500 teachers.

For more information on Sybille Fleischmann, please visit her LinkedIn profile.