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Pierre Omadjela

Pierre Omadjela

Connect with Pierre online:

We are excited to have Pierre on the Summit agenda. You will find him:

• Thursday afternoon, as a guest spearker [learn more]

Pierre T. Omadjela is the Director of Communications and Development of the Central Congo Episcopal Area and field representative of United Methodist Communications in the Congo Central Conference. He is actively providing communications trainings for the directors of communications of the UMC in Africa for the use of FrontlineSMS and Ushahidi Mapping.

Pierre is an active member of the United Methodist Young Adult Fellowship in the Congo Central Conference. Married and father of three (two daughters and one son), he is a graduate (MBA) of Africa University since June 9, 2012. He is also the music and worship committee chairperson of the United Methodist International English Church. When he starts something, he goes with it up to the end.

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