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Maeghan Orton

Maeghan Ray Orton

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Africa Regional Director, MedicMobile

Maeghan Orton Ray has a mind of business, a passion for people and a mission to bring innovative technologies to bear on grass-roots challenges. As a business student at the University of Waterloo, she lived in Uganda and worked with HIV-positive women to create a micro-credit & health program. With these women, she first experienced the strength in unity of a community working together for change. Special Coverage:

Maeghan Orton:Trial and error in Nairobi

Maeghan later received an MSc in international Health from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and became enthralled with appropriate technology in global health. She has seven years of experience in the financial & international development sectors, specializing in maternal and child health. Maeghan always travels with rock climbing shoes and a small coffee maker, evidence of her two major addictions. She has lived in twelve countries in North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe and now manages Medic Mobile’s East Africa program from a base in Nairobi.