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Giving Tuesday: Communications technology saves lives

Communications technology saves lives. It lays the groundwork for rescue and relief efforts after a disaster. It can mean the difference in how successfully a doctor treats a patient or diagnoses disease. It can share a message of hope and solidarity with the oppressed and the struggling.

Thanks to your donations this Giving Tuesday, we are making a difference in the lives of others. By donating to the United Methodist Communications ICT4D Church Initiatives, you are supporting technology for social good in developing regions of the world. Read how something as simple as a solar light can mean the difference in life or death in an emergency room. Technology is truly transformative!


Some of United Methodist Communications' projects include:

  • sending text messages containing health information and words of encouragement during the 2014 Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia. The church helped cut through the lack of reliable information when misinformation was jeopardizing lives.
  • providing solar lights and mobile phone chargers with hand-crank radios to areas in times of disaster, which helped keep clear lines of communication open so that those affected could receive vital information and also notify disaster teams if they needed help.
  • partnering with Medic Mobile to connect health clinics with villagers in rural Africa via mobile messaging. The program there helps community health workers stay in touch with pregnant women until they deliver, sending text messages with reminders of appointments and other important pre-natal care information.
  • partnering with Outernet, a company dedicated to connecting every person on Earth to free data via a receiver that downloads free content from a satellite. Through Outernet, schools in remote areas with no Internet access will have entire libraries of learning materials at their fingertips.

The Rev. Betty Kazadi Musau, a United Methodist clergywoman and a public health care worker in the Democratic Republic of Congo, says that modern technology is vital for Africa, adding that it “moves people from isolation to collaboration.”

It is only through your support that these initiatives exist. When you give to United Methodist Communications’ ICT4D Church Initiative, you help to improve communities and transform lives. This Christmas, make a difference by making a donation to Giving Tuesday: Communications Technology Saves Lives. And thank you for your continued support.