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About the Game Changers Summit

The game is changing in countries on the low side of the digital divide. New technological innovations continue to emerge, and those doing relief and development work have unprecedented access to life-changing and accessible tools.

At this year’s conference, you will learn about:

  • Humanitarian drones
  • New emergency-response technology solutions
  • Women’s empowerment in technology
  • 3-D printing for development
  • Solar power for income generation
  • Low-energy computing and e-learning
  • Mobile money
  • And more!

Meet our 2015 speakers and partners, or view the agenda.

2015 Game Changers Summit:
Harnessing the power of communications technology for global good

United Methodist Communications is saving and improving lives in areas where roads are impassable and delivery channels non-existent. We are bringing together innovators, thought-leaders and experienced practitioners to strengthen faith communities’ use of technology in low-resource areas.

Join us in harnessing the power of communications technology for global good. At the 2015 Game Changers Summit, you will learn from global experts and church leaders who are already finding success in this new landscape. Discover how to integrate simple solutions into your global work, and meet people seeking partners to maximize programming and forge lasting relationships.

Game Changers Summit 2014