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United Methodist Communications Internship Program

United Methodist Communications annually selects a limited number of persons to serve as interns in its Nashville office. The types of training experiences are determined by the vocational interests of the applicant and the type of services offered by United Methodist Communications.

Internships may be offered in the following areas: accounting, communication resourcing, conference relations, publications, global health initiatives (Imagine No Malaria), human resources, information management, information technology, internet services, marketing, news writing and editing, production and public relations. However, not all study areas will be available each year.

The leader of the United Methodist Communications team to which the applicant will be assigned and the supervisor with whom the intern will be working make final decisions on the awarding of internships.

What is the internship program?

The UMCom internship program offers persons who have some prior training or experience in communications but limited expertise or work experience in the field an opportunity to get that experience.... Read More

What Criteria Will Be Used To Select Interns?

Preference will be given to persons planning to use their skills in a communication ministry in The United Methodist Church or persons with a strong church background who are interested... Read More

Am I eligible?

Normally candidates who have an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience in communication are eligible for the internship program.  Most candidates for the internship program will be enrolled in undergraduate... Read More

Is financial assistance available?

Internships may be offered with or without a stipend. Financial support, if any, will be negotiated as part of the internship contract. In some instances, internships may allow a candidate... Read More

What is the application deadline?

In general, applications for internships must be postmarked by or e-mailed to the Human Resources Office by mid-January.  (Consideration may be given for special circumstances outside of the regular... Read More