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Ross LeFevre

ross lefevre
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Houston, TX

Ross was born in the Baptist Bible Belt in South Arkansas in 1939. The general attitude there during his formative years was "If you're not working or praying you're going straight to Hell." Turns out that was pretty good training, according to Ross, although he confesses to adding a dash of fun to the "working and praying" recipe. With two older brothers he learned to run fast. That turned out well, too, because it earned him a track scholarship to LSU which was perfect because while he was high on desire, he was low on cash.

Ross married his high school sweetheart, Connie, in 1958. Three children and five grandchildren later, Connie's still his sweetheart.

He has been in Houston since 1963, one year after graduating from LSU. Ross is a 40+ year veteran of the advertising, marketing and branding business. He is a unique blend of entrepreneurial drive and strategic communications savvy. After earning a Journalism Degree from LSU, he immediately helped guide a global, offshore drilling company's successful marketing efforts.

Next, in 1967, he became a principal in a Houston advertising agency. Six years later he founded his own, LeFevre & Associates, which prospered for 17 years doing work for companies like General Motors' EMD Division, DuPont, Dresser Industries and Shell Oil Company.

Mojo/Chiat Day, a large, international advertising agency, thought enough about LeFevre & Associates to buy the agency from Ross. Before he could improve his golf game, Ogilvy & Mather convinced him he should become a member of their world-famous, worldwide firm. There, his clients included IBM, MasterCard, Shell Oil, and Chase Bank, among others. He was named Senior Partner and Managing Director (CEO) of Ogilvy & Mather's Houston Office.

After 10 years with Ogilvy, in October '98, Ross tried to retire again. But he couldn't. The phone kept ringing. He has consulted for a variety of companies engaged in various disciplines such as custom application development, advocacy advertising, automotive, energy, university systems, telecommunications and outsourced business systems.

Ross is a board member for several organizations, he's extremely active in charity work, locally and nationally, and he's an occasional public speaker.

As you might imagine, his golf game is still bad. Oh yeah, Connie convinced him to become a Methodist.