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Join Together for Change the World 2014: May 17-18

The hands of thousands will join together in service during Change the World weekend, May 17-18, by working to help communities all over. The idea for Change the World at United Methodist Communications started back in 2010. Mike Slaughter wrote a book called “Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus.” It challenged Christians to step outside the church walls and get out into their communities. Jim Wallis, in his forward to the book, wrote, “Mike’s challenge is simple and direct: Quit worrying about getting people into your church and start finding new opportunities to move people who are already there out into God’s service.” If you have not participated in Change the World before, and want to know more, visit

This year marks five years of United Methodist churches making a difference. As we reach this milestone, RETHINK CHURCH wants your church to raise your hands by registering to hold an event in your community. If you are a United Methodist Church outside of the United States then contact Neelley Hicks. When we help our neighbors find hope, we can change the world by first changing theirs. If you are ready to register, please fill out our registration form here.

We want to help your church publicize its Change the World event locally, so that you can receive visitors who want to work alongside you in making your community better. When you register your event, while supplies last, you will have the option to order a free Change the World marketing kit. This kit includes a pair of Rethink Church work gloves, a customizable 3x6 lawn banner, a Change the World T-shirt and a sermon starter. Also, while supplies last, you can receive free postcards mailed to homes in your area. This year we offer new advertising through geo-targeting digital advertising. Email us with questions at We can use our hands to make a difference, so get some hands together in your community and Change the World. We celebrate five years and hope for many more to come!