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United Methodist Communications develops and delivers training, consulting, funding and infrastructure to empower the Church at a global, national and local level to develop communications or communication platforms.


Training Center (Communications Ministry Team)
The Training Center offers an array of online learning opportunities to help you be a better church communicator or better communicate about the church, as well as offering training on topics of general interest. Learn more

Spokesperson Skill Development Workshop (Public Information)
This workshop is a must for anyone who speaks to the news media. This highly interactive one-and-a-half day seminar will help you develop basic skills for communicating effectively with print, radio and television reporters. You will learn to create a positive image of your organization, control your message, and use hands-on learning methods to become a more confident and articulate spokesperson. Learn more

Crisis Management (Public Information)
Trouble at the church office? Does your Bishop need to talk to the press? Find out how to handle even the toughest emergencies. Learn more

Web Ministry Training (Communications Ministry Team)
The Internet can be a ministry for the church. United Methodist Communications can help you find the tools you need to make your church Web site a powerful part of your work in the world. Face-to-face and online training is offered. Learn more

Rethink Church Training (Communications Ministry Team)
Igniting ministry training helps local churches market themselves and hone their welcoming and invitational skills. Learn more

Communications Audit (Communications Ministry Team)
Communications audits measure the effectiveness of your annual conference efforts and give data-based suggestions for future directions. Learn more


Matching Grants (Communications Ministry Team)
Apply for a grant to enable local and regional placement of the spots on broadcast television, to supplement the national campaign and to target people local churches are trying to attract.
Learn more

Fundraising (United Methodist Communications Foundation)
The Foundation for United Methodist Communications is organized for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of IRS Section 501(c)(3). Its goal is to enhance the ability of The United Methodist Church and United Methodist Communications to tell their story to the world through the various media of communication. Learn more


Leonard Perryman Communications Scholarship (Communications Ministry Team)
This scholarship is awarded to ethnic minority students for undergraduate study in religious journalism or mass communication. Learn more

Stoody-West Scholarship (Communications Ministry Team)
This scholarship is awarded for graduate study in religious journalism or communications.
Learn more

Internships (Human Resources)
United Methodist Communications annually selects a limited number of persons to serve as interns in its Nashville, New York or Washington offices. Location of the training experiences is determined by the vocational interests of the applicant and the type of services offered by the three locations. Contact Human Resources