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United Methodist Communications develops and delivers news and information products and services and various supporting media that communicate the message of the Church and share the Good News.


Promotion of Giving (Connectional Giving Team)
The promotion of giving is an interagency effort headed by United Methodist Communications to facilitate increased financial giving among United Methodists and to improve support for conference and general church benevolences. Learn more

Apportioned Funds promotion (Connectional Giving Team)
We promote and interpret the seven United Methodist apportioned funds: Africa University, Black College, Episcopal, General Administration, Interdenominational Cooperation, Ministerial Education, and World Service. Learn more

Churchwide Appeal Promotion (Connectional Giving Team)
Churchwide appeals seek funding for natural disasters, emergencies and other immediate needs. Such appeals require the approval of the General Council on Finance and Administration and the Council of Bishops. Gifts to churchwide appeals are channeled through the Advance for Christ and His Church. Learn more

Designated Gifts (Connectional Giving Team)
Persons can contribute to specific causes through the Advance for Christ and His Church and World Service Special Gifts. One hundred percent of every contribution goes to the ministry of the giver's choice. The Advance enables persons to support the Bishops' Initiative on Children and Poverty (#982200-8), Hope for the Children of Africa (#101000-4) and hundreds of other vital ministries. Learn more

Special Sundays promotion (Connectional Giving Team)
The promotion of six churchwide Special Sundays with offerings include: Human Relations Day, One Great Hour of Sharing, Native American Ministries Sunday, Peace with Justice Sunday, World Communion Sunday and United Methodist Student Day. Learn more


Information services (InfoServ)
InfoServ is a place where you can ask any question about The United Methodist Church. Contact us to check on current church news; find United Methodist churches and pastors; clarify facts and official statements; learn how to respond to a disaster; find services, programs and resources; locate information in the Book of Discipline; or find an office or staff person.
Learn more


Daily news coveage of The United Methodist Church (United Methodist News Service)
UMNS is the official news agency of The United Methodist Church. Learn more

Video stories (UMTV)
UMTV produces weekly video stories about United Methodists making a difference in our society. Learn more


Interpreter magazine (Publications)
Interpreter is the official program magazine for leaders of The United Methodist Church. Learn more

United Methodists in Service magazine (Publications)
United Methodists in Service nurtures first-generation Korean immigrant Christians in their maturity of faith; assists active pastors in their effective ministries; serves readers as they feel connected as United Methodists and as they commit themselves to serving Christ around the world. Learn more

WEB MINISTRY (Web Ministry Team) is the official online ministry of The United Methodist Church. Site visitors will be able to gain access to all available online resources from the denomination via Learn more