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Foundation Programs: Imagine No Malaria


Global Health is one of the Four Areas of Focus for the ministry of The United Methodist Church, which aims to combat diseases of poverty such as malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis as well as provide health education, advocacy and infrastructure.

The Foundation for United Methodist Communications supported the fundraising efforts and provided oversight for the distribution of millions of dollars raised by United Methodists for the Imagine No Malaria campaign. This grassroots, life-saving campaign was a part of the Global Health Initiative that creates conditions for better health for people around the world and eliminate diseases of poverty, beginning with an all-out assault on malaria. The $75,000,000 campaign was a historical event in the life of The United Methodist Church and followed the outpouring of funding by millions of United Methodists who were energized by the results of the Nothing But Nets campaign that rolled out across the United States.

It served in several capacities in the organizational stages for the campaign and as a member of the Global Health Initiative team. The Foundation also advised different aspects of this global-wide capital campaign and administered the complex operation involving several UMC agencies, conference and individual partners, outside funding sources and global health NGOs.

The Foundation functioned as the fundraising arm as well as the depository for the contributions and continues to serve as the grantor for support of projects of the Global Health Initiative and its many partnerships.

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