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Foundation Programs: Endowments


An endowment gift offers you an incredible way to have the greatest impact possible on current and future communications and technology ministries of the United Methodist Church. Endowment affords permanent resources that keeps giving, because investment returns magnify the impact of the original gifts. This legacy gift leaves a permanent witness of your personal values and beliefs for your family and friends, and for all who will benefit from your generosity. Your visionary gift will sustain the present communication ministries and seed the future, global faith-voice of the United Methodist Church. 

The communications endowment permanently assures that saints in ministry can be informed and equipped to build up the body of Christ everywhere and every moment.  Having a suitable technology and communication infrastructure is a fundamental source for United Methodists to carry-out transforming ministries in ‘...all the ways, all the means, all the places, to all the people that we can..” (John Wesley).  Your endowment gift can permanently assure that United Methodists are best prepared to respond to Jesus call to “go out to all the world making disciples in all the nations… baptizing and teaching all things that I have commanded, always, even to the end of time.“

Endowment funding represents money, or other financial assets, that will be used exactly as you planned for, and will be invested to foster growth of the principal amount which provides additional income for the expenses of future ministries.


Make A Lasting Impact for Generations to Come By Establishing an Endowment

By living out your faith and sharing it with others you are creating a spiritual legacy that impacts those whom your life touches. 

Do you want to ensure that your passion for the mission of The United Methodist Church continues to help people around the world? Are you looking for a way to honor the memory of a loved one's spiritual legacy? Have you been seeking ways in which to teach the youth in your life to understand financial stewarsdhip and the role we all play in being obedient to God with our funds? You can accomplish these meaningful personal goals by leaving a legacy gift, making a donation of remembrance, or establishing a new endowment in support of the communications and technology ministries of The United Methodist Church.

The Communications General Endowment Fund is always accepting new, unrestricted contributions. Many people choose to leave a legacy through their will, or by designating the fund as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, retirement account or even using a Transfer on Death designation. The fund can accept cash, securities, or other saleable, valuable property. We can even help you establish a lifetime income plan through a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust. However, a gift can be made anytime.

You may choose to establish a new named endowment with designation for specific communications ministries.  The Foundation staff will assist you to do so, and can share information with your personal financial and legal advisors, or at your request, your family members.  The Endowment Committee for the Foundation will review any gifts that include restrictions or designations as well as those that may entail liability. The committee may not be able to accept your gift if it will interfere with the church’s pursuit of its communications mission.

Please contact The Foundation for United Methodist Communications to learn more about leaving a lasting witness through an endowment gift and/or the creation of a personal or memorial endowment at, or call 1-888-521-1179. 



Be a Part of The Martha “Twick” Morrison Endowment Legacy

Under the leadership of Martha “Twick” Morrison, The Foundation for United Methodist Communications more than doubled its charitable income. 

In celebration of Morrison's deep passion for faith-based communication and empowering the lives of the "least of these," an endowment was established in her name.

The Martha “Twick” Morrison Endowment provides financial assistance from investment income to support programs that help United Methodist communicators in the Central Conferences enhance their communication skills.

You can make a gift in remembrance of Morrison's spiritual legacy by donating towards the endowment to aid the continual funding of these church programs.