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Foundation Programs: Global Communications Technology


Global Communications Technology originally began as ICT4D (Information & Communications Technology for Development) which was phase I for the Global Communication Technology team.  The early organization was used to transform communications across The United Methodist Church, and within communities in the developing world who’ve been most cut off from technological advances.

United Methodist Communications provides technology, training and best practices to help communication programs become successful and sustainable.

It’s estimated that over 75% of the world has access to a mobile phone. Through Frontline SMS, one can manage mobile numbers and send group text messages without need of the Internet. Through ruggedized and ultra-low power equipment, people in the developing world are able to work through high heat and unreliable power conditions. More options in solar solutions are available, and Internet access is increasingly accessible.

Technology alone is never the solution. Technology by itself is confusing, breaks down, wears out, and provides little humanitarian relief. But, when technology is used for good – by people who want to improve their own communities – in health, education, agriculture, income generation, sharing God’s love, etc. – human and community development occurs. Lives can be made better. Lives can be saved. And we live in a time where developments in technology are being made to provide some of the most marginalized people on the planet with communication tools that can help them achieve their goals.