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Easter: That’s Church

What are you really looking for? How will you find it?

Love. Hope. Joy. People aren’t just looking for colored eggs and chocolate bunnies at Easter time. Our churches want to help people in their communities find the deeper, more fulfilling things they’re searching for by giving them ways to open their hearts, reach out to others and embrace the miracle of God’s love.

Our Easter advertising is launching March 31 in select television markets and nationally on digital sites and mobile.

Use our resources below to help encourage members of your community to RETHINK how they go about finding greater meaning in their lives.


Download :30 and :15 videos to use on your website, in worship or on social media here

Download free worship graphics, bulletin covers, and social media graphics here

View a list of markets where national Easter advertising will be seen

Invite people to come to your Easter services or let them know about a special event by using our customizable :23 spot. The deadline to order is April 11. Email us at