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Ministry Resource

Save 10% on 2018 United Methodist Program Calendars

Through July 31, take advantage of savings on 2018 Program Calendars. Wall calendars, desk blotters, pocket calendars and classic book style versions are available. Read More

Men's Ministry Resource

10 quick tips to fire up your men’s ministry!

An effective men's ministry tells them that your church cares about their interests and needs. It also encourages, promotes and sponsors activities that will attract the men in your congregation. Read More


Let UMCOM help you tell your church’s story

Get help with practical and relevant communications and outreach skills to help make your congregation more welcoming, engaged and vibrant. Read More

Small Group Resource

Podcast: How to create and maintain great small groups

Keep your groups engaging and inviting. We cover digital tools and social media tactics to build awareness and keep your small group organized. Listen

Social Media

How Instagram can breathe life into your media ministry, Part 1

No longer do you need fancy equipment. Your social media team can take and share pictures faster than ever with their smartphones and an Instagram account. Read More

Summer Ministry Resource

Image of the Dining Hall at Colorado Chautauqua National Historic Landmark. Photo by Jonathan B. Auerbach.

Summer retreat ideas: United Methodist camps and programs

Ministry's great minds often take learning vacations together during the summer. Research and find a camp, Christian retreat center or Chautauqua near you. Read More

Technology Resource

Computer hacks: 7 amazing methods for United Methodists

Free tools and simple tasks save hours of mindless typing and boring computer chores! Read More

Pastoral Transitions

Tips to help pastors and families on the move

Here are some great suggestions for pastors and their families making a move to a new church and community along with some advice for congregations greeting new pastors and their families. Read More

College Ministry

5 ways to connect with college students during the summer

The key to connecting with college students is meeting them where they are in their life and helping them connect their life with their faith in God. Read More

Children's Ministry

Learn how to effectively communicate about your VBS to the community. Image © CreationSwap / Rick Aguilar.

Rethink VBS: Turbo-charge your plans and invitations (Part 1)

You no longer can simply post VBS information on the church sign and expect people to come. Use all the tools you have available to connect people to your church. Read More

Social Media Resource

Find promotion ideas and how to keep people connected after VBS has ended. Image © CreationSwap /Rick Aguilar.

Rethink VBS: Step up promotion and follow-up (Part 2)

Good communications can turn an "OK" event into a significant outreach effort. Here are some excellent promotion ideas and tips to keep people connected after VBS has ended. Read More

Youth and Children's Resources

A girl floats on pool noodles in a swimming pool. Image by Sally Wynn, CC0 Public Domain.

7 summer party games! Perfect for the fun at heart

If you’re fun at heart or have anything to do with youth or children’s ministry, it’s time to stock up on summer games. Read More

United Methodist Resource

Sojourner Truth became a Methodist in 1843 and, on June 1 of that year, heard a clear call from God to become a traveling preacher speaking out against slavery. The Sojourner Truth Memorial in Florence, Mass. Photo by Lynn Graves, Massachusetts Office of Tourism.

6 Methodist historical figures to help illustrate your next lesson

Learn how these figures, like Sojourner Truth, were deeply nurtured by their faith and, in turn, had an enormous influence on the history of the Methodist church. Read More

Preaching Resource

The Rev. Amanda Garber, pastor of RISE, a United Methodist Community in Harrisonburg, Va. Photo courtesy of Amanda Garber.

Lead ‘em laughing: Using humor in preaching

More than just jokes, it’s about using humor to communicate biblical truth. Read More

Outreach Resource

5 great outreach ideas for families

Be the church that helps families form priceless memories that will last long after a free night of babysitting. These ideas are a great place to start. Read More