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Ethnic Ministries

Outreach Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

Use these resources to invite your community to join you for worship and events throughout Hispanic Heritage Month as well as to celebrate Hispanic-Latino culture and traditions. Read More


Teen with backpack ready for school. Image by Pixel Creative,

Back-to-school outreach ideas

Back-to-school time offers an incredible opportunity to reach out to your community. Many churches sponsor drives for supplies and clothes. Here are some additional ideas. Read More

Outreach Resource

Outreach Resources for Back to School

As a new school year begins, families will be searching for community connections as they settle into a routine. Reach out to your neighbors with these outreach tools. Read More

Social Media Resource

Photo by Rob, Adobe Stock. Illustration by Justin Seeley, United Methodist Communications.

Free back-to-school social media graphics

Download these memes for use on Instagram, Facebook and other social media outlets to promote your Back-to-School outreach. View

Seasonal Prayer

Students laugh in a classroom in East Congo. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

A back-to-school video prayer

When students go back to school, so do teachers, administrators, and other staff. Use this prayer in worship for those beginning a new school session. Read More

Social Media Resource

Turn boring announcements into engaging Facebook posts

Facebook is a great way to reach and inform your community, but if posts don't generate engagement they will get buried. Here are several ways to turn your announcements into engaging posts. Read More

Leadership Resource

A guide to pastoral transitions: Day 31 and beyond

Pastors have 90 days to prove themselves. In part one you learned how to quickly assess the congregation and community. Now the focus needs to be on translating those insights into action. Read More

Communications Resource

How to organize communication requests at your church

In churches of any size, it can be hard to stay on top of every request. With planning and free digital tools, you can design a system that works for everybody. Read More

Emergency Preparedness

Prepare your church for natural disasters

Created by United Methodist Insurance, this comprehensive handbook provides guidance about what to do before and after a natural disaster strikes. Download

Social Media

Are you snapping your teens? A case for Snapchat in church

According to a recent survey, 75% of teens age 13-17 use Snapchat. The fun, casual nature of Snapchat lets you build closer relationships with teens than often happen online. Read More

General Conference

Way Forward Commission offers video resources for 2019 General Conference

These videos discuss how the Commission built relationship and community, how it developed and worked to maintain hearts of peace, and how the plans in its report were developed. Read More

Summer Resource

The sun rises over Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo as the ferry boat Ishara La Marine nears Bukavu after an overnight trip from Goma. 2015 photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Travel with a purpose

Go beyond the beaten path and look for opportunities to interact with local people. Be willing to leave behind a bit of comfort, get up early and stay up late. Read More

Preaching Resource

According to Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, preachers need to address the pain, injustice, confusion, and chaos in the world. She offers guidance on approaching controversial issues in meaningful and responsible ways. Image courtesy of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

4 tips for preaching on politically-charged topics

According to Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, preachers need to address the pain, injustice, confusion, and chaos in the world. This guidance will help you approach controversial issues in meaningful and responsible ways. Read More

VBS Resource

8 last-minute ideas to promote VBS

How can churches compete against all the choices for summer entertainment? Check out these last-minute ways to promote and garner interest in your VBS. Read More

Ministry Resource

Getting everyone to agree on a strategic plan can be like herding cats. Image by Sebastian Ganso,

Strategic planning or herding cats?

Getting leadership and staff to agree on strategy can feel like herding cats. These tips will help you reach consensus and put structures in place so the plan gets implemented. Read More

Summer Ministry Ideas

Keep your congregation connected during the summer

Take advantage of technology, Find-A-Church and giving opportunities to help maintain church ties when people can't physically attend services or small groups. Read More

Communications Resource

Getting the entire congregation involved in church communication efforts

Just like symphonies are made up of people who play different roles, churches need to divide the task of communicating internally and externally among volunteers. Read More

Communication Resource

More than 100 people from the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area participate in

When the topic is tough, we need to talk — and listen

Difficult conversations provide opportunities to work toward deeper understanding and to model “ways to remain in communion with each other even when you disagree,” says the Rev. Gary Southern. Read More

Leadership Resource

These eight traps can derail a pastor in the crucial first 90 days in a new role. This work,

Eight ministry traps that can derail a ministry in the first 90 days

The first 90 days of a new appointment are crucial. Avoiding these pitfalls will help you start off on the right foot. Read More

Social Media Resource

Improve your Instagram ministry with one simple change

Instagram can be an effective tool for ministry, but standard profiles lack some of the features and information needed to take a strategic approach. Consider... Read More

Social Media

The Facebook strategy you need to quit today

In early 2018, Facebook announced changes to the News Feed and how content is distributed. Here's what churches need to know. Read More

Pastoral Care

Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry for United Methodist Communications.

Breaking the taboo: How the church can help people with mental illness

Mental illness is better understood today, but some of the abuse from the past has been replaced with silence in the present. The church can help us move beyond the taboo. Read More

Social Media

7 deadly sins of church social media

Lots of places tell you what to do on social media, but what about things to avoid? These are seven reliable ways to undermine the time and effort you're putting in online. Read More

Intergenerational Ministries

Aiden Taylor (right) provides Judy Johnson with tips on using her mobile phone. Photo by Christina Kincaid, Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church.

Older adults are techier than you think

The number of older adults is growing rapidly, and they are increasingly embracing technology. Both of these factors affect how the church uses technology to communicate with older members. Read More

Family Devotions

Reading the Bible should be a regular occurrence in the home. Image by Brimstone Creative,

Faith formation begins at home

Looking for God in everyday life is key to growing your faith during ordinary home life. Learn some simple ways families can begin a devotional practice. Read More

Social Media

How to make church memes and why they matter

Lighten up and ride the wave of viral memes as a part of your marketing strategy. Learn how to promote events, recruit volunteers and share scriptures with style! Read More

Church Marketing

How a small church can build a big marketing plan

Learn how small churches with limited resources can dream big and achieve their goals for local visibility. Read More