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Featured Resource

Renew logo for Interpreter magazine's 2015 marketing.

Are you receiving Interpreter magazine?

Renew your mind, faith, church and community with a subscription to our award-winning magazine for lay and clergy leaders of The United Methodist Church. Read More

Focus on the Family

5 great outreach ideas for families

Be the church that helps families form priceless memories that will last long after a free night of babysitting. These ideas are a great place to start. Read More

For the Local Church

Awesome ideas to make your church fall festival rock

Planning your fall festival? We're here to help! Last year we introduced the pumpkin trebuchet. This year we have even more ideas to "fly" your... Read More

Connect with Social Media

Free tools to help manage small groups

One of the most important aspects of church life is a vibrant small-group and Sunday school ministry. Find free tools to help church leaders increase their effectiveness in facilitating these vital programs. Read More

Technology for Social Good

Thane Richard (left) is publisher and chief operating officer of Outernet. Outernet uses capacity on a global satellite network to beam data from the open Internet to users with a receiver, similar to the way radio works. Photo courtesy of Thane Richard.

Thane Richard: Librarian for the World

A new global satellite network can beam information to those without Internet service. The publisher of “Humanity’s Public Library” will speak at upcoming technology conference. Read More

From the Press Center

Medic mobile visits village

Second annual Game Changers Summit addresses how ICT4D solutions transform global communities

More people have mobile phones than access to toilets. Learn how the latest technological tools are making a positive difference in underdeveloped countries. Read More

For Church Leaders

How to run highly effective church staff meetings

Ever leave a meeting utterly confused? Stop wasting time at church staff meetings and learn from these six steps. Read More

Celebrating 75 Years

Country group Restless Heart is photographed in the studio of United Methodist Communications. Photo by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications. Cropped from original.

If these walls could talk

Elvis Presley, Alex Haley and country band Restless Heart are just a few of the luminaries who have graced United Methodist Communications' production facilities. Read More

Your Church Marketing Plan

Critical components of SMART church goals

As church leaders, we must translate squishy ministry goals into clear measures and tactics. Find out what well-crafted goals look like using the SMART goals... Read More

For Pastors

5 ways to rock the last-minute sermon or lesson

This may not be your finest moment, but it can be far from your worst. Don't pull a college-inspired all nighter or repeat one of your greatest hits. Follow these five tips to deliver a solid last-minute lesson. Read More

For the Local Church

13 ways to stay connected with college students

Students often leave the communities where they have grown up, breaking the bonds with their local church. Local churches can help young people maintain their connection to God and a faith community. Read More

Your Web Ministry

11 mistakes to avoid in church website design

If you already have a fabulous church website, congratulations! If you don't, use these tips and you will soon have an attractive, clear and engaging... Read More