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Social Media

Free Advent 2018 social media graphics

Share a message of peace, hope and love this Advent by using these social media graphics on your church's or your personal Facebook page. Download


Advent is a time of preparation as children light the second candle of the family advent wreath. A UMNS file photo illustration by Ronny Perry.

Family devotions for Advent (2018)

This Advent wreath devotional guide provides a short Scripture reading, questions for discussion and a closing prayer to help families celebrate the birth of Christ. Read More

Advent Outreach

Outreach Resources for Advent

Invite your community to share the Advent and Christmas season with you using our outreach resources. Customizable resources include invitation cards, banners, yard signs, posters and digital downloads. Read More


Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Advent and Christmas: Communicating Hope

In a season of holiday hustle, Advent calls us to slow down and prepare. Use these creative outreach ideas and resources to reach out with a message of light and hope. Read More

Christmas Outreach

Make spirits bright with a seeker-friendly outreach event this Christmas

Discover how to plan and host a festive, fun Christmas outreach event that attracts all of your community -- even people unaffiliated with a church. Read More


Make holiday church event promotion merry

Offer your community a chance to step away from holiday hustle and bustle. These tips will help you promote your event even if you are short on time. Read More


An impromptu choir sings together Christmas Eve at worship service held at renovated warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Rethink Church.

Churches can help simplify at Christmas

The seasons of Advent and Christmas can be stressful for busy families. Find easy ways churches can help members focus on the season’s meaning—and share holiday joy. Read More


14 ways churches unintentionally send signals of unwelcome

Make sure your church -- from the people to the curb -- are visitor-ready. Here's a checklist of 14 unintentional and commonly overlooked roadblocks. Read More

Web Ministry

How to make you church website visitor-friendly

Your church website is the new front door for your church. More and more, people are checking out locations online first before visiting in person—particularly young adults. Listen


A diverse group of members sits in worship listening to the sermon. Image by Pearl,

6 ways to create a guest-friendly worship service

These six strategies can make your worship more attractive to visitors, without requiring a major investment of time or resources. Read More

Crisis Resource

Church members gather for a musical program by the Mark Beachy Family Singers following a potluck supper at Leipsic (Ohio) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Keeping your church safe from violence

Church leaders find themselves grappling not only with the pastoral and theological questions of members, but also practical concerns about how to keep their flock safe. Read More

Crisis communications

How to communicate with church members in the wake of tragedy

Whether it’s a natural disaster or other crisis, your messages matter before, during and after the event. An ill-considered or ill-timed response could be... Read More

Communications Resource

How to improve the design of your church communication materials

This screencast will guide you through easy, inexpensive ways to improve everything from your church's bulletin to the signage inside and outside your building. View


5 key elements in successful stewardship strategies

What if stewardship were more than a campaign? What if it were a mindset? And what if stewardship were incorporated in every season? Read More


Now, when we’re all thinking about budgets, spreadsheets, and pledge drives, is a good time to take a step back and talk about how we can do a better job of incorporating our young people into these vital ministry conversations. Photo by Lukas, Pexels.

4 ways to involve younger people in stewardship

As you think about budgets and pledge drives, consider how to better incorporate young adults into these conversations. Discover four ways to foster a culture of generosity among young people. Read More


8 steps to declutter and make the best impression

For a church, every interaction matters and makes an impression. Eliminating clutter helps your church focus more on hospitality and ministry. Read More

Welcoming & Inviting

Encourage friendly, out-going persons with the gift of hospitality to serve as greeters and ushers. Image by Pearl,

50 ways to welcome new people

One key to effective outreach is making sure that worship visitors feel truly welcome. These tips will help your congregation make a good first impression and extend hospitality. Read More

Welcoming & Inviting

Connecting new people to the Church

This podcast episode focuses on the lifecycle process of bringing new people into the church. It's the final episode of four in the Church Growth Series. Listen


The Rev. Olu Brown shares tips on reaching people — even those who don’t look or act like “church people.” Image by Ric Rodrigues,

Reaching people who don’t look or act like “church people”

Reaching people who aren’t typical churchgoers requires making them feel comfortable and able to be themselves. The Rev. Olu Brown offers tips for creating a welcoming experience. Read More

Communications Resource

The who, what, why of giving your most effective speech in any setting

Pick up speechwriting tips from preacher and best-selling writer, Adam Hamilton, to help you connect with your audience. Read More


Apple’s new tools can boost your church live streams as well as life balance

Separate hype from real ministry applications in this review of the September 12, 2018, Apple keynote event. Learn why a phone is just as good as a camcorder to live stream. Read More


“Three Simple Rules” to train church leaders and volunteers

Challenges in mission and ministry will arise, but by adopting John Wesley's rules for living, your team can respond to any difficulties with love. Read More


Protect members (and ministries) from costly identity theft

There are a number of steps that you can take to protect people’s information and safeguard the church. Read More


Guest readiness and hospitality are greater than being nice

This podcast episode focuses on guest readiness and is the third episode of four in the Church Growth Series. Listen

Email Resource

Beat the email “blahs” with 5 helpful but simple writing hints

Are you communicating your messages as effectively as possible through email? This infographic highlights five simple tips to crafting a more compelling message. Read More

History Resource

Animated Wesleys make Methodist history fun

John and Charles Wesley make their debut as animated characters in this engaging new series. Share these videos on your website, social media or download them for viewing. Read More


The church should and must be one of the primary places where people can learn to trust, exercise trust, and become trustworthy. Image by,

5 key practices for building a culture of trust

The church should be a place where people can learn to trust, exercise trust, and become trustworthy. Use these practices with groups to create environments that foster and facilitate trust. Read More

Email communication

How to make your emails more memorable

Email doesn’t have to be boring! Check out these great ideas to make sure your emails never get ignored. Read More

Social Media

llustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communication using iPhone mockup by Taras Demindyuk, and Facebook Live mockup by Daniel Reese,

13 tips for improving your Facebook Live broadcasts

Facebook Live isn’t just for streaming worship or doing a quick check-in from an event. It can also be a platform for discipleship content like Q&As, prayer sessions or ministry spotlights. Read More


How to develop an excellent church communication plan

Download templates, worksheets and daily planners to clarify your goals and maximize outreach! Read More