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Advent Resource

Advent begins the Christian new year, and everyone — from the youngest to the oldest member — should celebrate. Here are some tips on involving everyone. Photo by Creative Commons

New ways to celebrate Advent with kids

Advent begins the Christian new year, and everyone — from the youngest to the oldest member — should celebrate. Here are some tips on involving everyone. Read More

Seasonal Promotion

Make holiday church event promotion merry — even at the last minute

It’s not too late to promote your Christmas event! You can offer the community a chance to step away from the hustle and bustle into a place of peace, joy and hope. Read More

Advent Outreach

Social media graphics for Advent

Share a message of peace, hope and love this Advent by using these social media graphics on your church's or your personal Facebook page. Read More

Advent Practice

Advent Photo-A-Day

How do you see the word presence? Joy? Make this spiritual practice part of your Advent preparation and share your photos with #Rethink Church. Read More

Advent Resources

Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Advent and Christmas: Communicating Hope

In a season of holiday hustle, Advent calls us to slow down and prepare. Use these creative outreach ideas and resources to reach out with a message of light and hope. Read More

Christmas Outreach

The True Meaning of Christmas Tour

The United Methodist Church is hitting the road this Advent season to extend Christmas invitations in 21 cities across the U.S. Read More

Preaching Resource

January Sermon Series

This four-week sermon series from Discipleship Ministries explores the questions we all have for God. Includes an invitation flyer and short video you can use in worship or on social media. Download

Advent Resource

Empower your congregation to reach out with warm invitations this Advent. Photo by Ben White,

Engage your congregation in creative Christmas outreach

Empower your congregation to reach out with warm invitations this Advent. Read More

Seasonal Resource

How the church can celebrate Christmas with simplicity

Celebrating with simplicity doesn’t have to mean pruning everything you love. Learn what to cut so you can still go big minus the burnout. Read More

Advent Resources

Advent resources are now available for free download, and printed materials will be available in late September — your church can even apply a $400 promo code toward your order!

New resources bring ease to meaningful Advent outreach

“We really are trying to fully resource the local church to welcome visitors… We want to make this the best and easiest Advent ever.” Read More

Social Media

How to use social media to restore trust in the church

Trust is central to the relationship between your church and community. Discover actionable tips that turn your online channels into powerful tools for building that trust. Read More

Advent Outreach

Outreach Resources for Advent

Start planning your Christmas outreach now using resources tied to the national advertising campaign. Customizable resources include postcards, door hangers, social meda and worship graphics, and sermon starters. Read More


Living with a grateful heart starts with simple practices

Appreciation, modeling, serving among ways to teach and learn gratitude. Read More


Church members gather for a musical program by the Mark Beachy Family Singers following a potluck supper at Leipsic (Ohio) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Keeping your church safe from violence

Church leaders find themselves grappling not only with the pastoral and theological questions of members, but also practical concerns about how to keep their flock safe. Read More


Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications

Ten suggestions for preaching after a catastrophe

When a tragedy or disaster happens, congregants expect, and need, to hear a word of comfort from the pulpit. Preaching professor Richard Lischer offers some practical advice for this difficult task. Read More

Embrace Love

Embrace love in the midst of fear and tragedy. Image by Gisela Fotografie,

Embracing Love: Responding to Violence

Use these resources to help your congregation process their shock and grief after tragedies like the mass shooting in Texas and find ways to respond in concrete, loving ways. Read More

Seasonal Resource

Expressing gratitude: Social media graphics

Express your gratitude this season with these social media graphics for your Facebook page. Read More

Creative Arts

Bring the beauty of the arts to your church

While the church often incorporates the musical arts into worship, there are a variety of other artists who can use their talents to glorify God. Read More

Prayer Resource

Innovative ways to encourage people to pray

The practice of prayer may be ancient but the application doesn't have to be. How can churches encourage and enhance the experience of prayer? Read More

Ministry Resource

One bite at a time: Event planning made easy

Make your event planning more manageable by breaking it into smaller pieces. Check out these great resources to plan your next big event. Read More


Being thankful reaps health benefits as well as spiritual ones.  Photo by Carl Attard,

3 ways to encourage gratitude in the church

Did you know that being thankful reaps health benefits as well as spiritual ones? It's true. Here's a few ways to express thankfulness in your life and ministry. Read More

Worship Tips

Worshippers at Easter fill Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, where attendance has been on a steady rise. Photo by Joseph McBrayer.

Tips for including church members in your service

Help the members of your congregation find a deeper connection within the church by engaging them in the planning and execution of worship services. Read More

Worship Resource

5 lessons from a hilarious spoof on contemporary worship

"Sunday's Coming" is a "movie trailer" made by a large church poking fun at their own worship. It's obviously a spoof, but also contains some powerful lessons. Read More

Spiritual Formation

How to foster spiritual disciplines in the church

Help your congregants become closer to Christ by making spiritual disciplines a reality in the congregation’s life and in individual lives. Read More

Communications Resource

How to develop an excellent church communication plan

Download templates, worksheets and daily planners to clarify your goals and maximize outreach! Read More

Ministry Resource

How to attract millennials to your church

Learn what millennials like and what turns them off. Seek out personal relationships with them, and help them see the relevance of the church for the world and for their own lives. Read More

Market your church

Using video to promote your church. Image by PublcDomainPictures, Inset worship image by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

5 out-of-the-box ways to use video to promote your church

Unleash your video creativity to increase the effectiveness of your church promotion. Read More